Escape Game Blackout, Escape Plan LIVE. Chatham.
Escape Game Blackout, Escape Plan LIVE. Chatham.
Escape Game Blackout, Escape Plan LIVE. Chatham.

Escape Game Blackout

Players 1—10 players
Age Age restriction 10+
Time 60 min. to complete
Price 10 £ per player

About the game Blackout

The last thing you remember was accepting a complimentary drink from a stranger... they seemed genuine enough, but now you're returning to consciousness with no idea where you are. It's so dark you can hardly tell if you're eyes are even open, but you can feel you're in chains and are able to hear you're not alone. You hastily make a pact with your fellow prisoners to help each other to freedom - but to do so you'll have to overcome your fear of the dark, as you all need it to discover why you're here and how to get out together... alive!

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Address escape game Blackout

Chatham, Riverside One Studios - 3 Dock Road, Chatham, Kent, ME4 4SL
(+44) 03 ... Show phone number

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