Escape Game The Kidnapping, TeamEscape. Hamburg.
Escape Game The Kidnapping, TeamEscape. Hamburg.
Escape Game The Kidnapping, TeamEscape. Hamburg.

Escape Game The Kidnapping

Players 2—6 players
Age Age restriction 12+
Time 60 min. to complete
Price 71—135 € per team

About the game The Kidnapping

The world is being threatened by a terrorist organization with a deadly contagion. The renowned Hamburg scientist Dr. Aron Hofman has been working to create an antiserum; however, he has disappeared under mysterious circumstances prior to making his findings public. Intelligence suggests that Dr. Hofman has been kidnapped by that same organization in order to prevent him from completing his formula.
Your group of 2 to 6 secret agents managed to gain access to the apartment of the suspected ring leader of the kidnapping plot. Here you will look for clues that hopefully lead to the whereabouts of the missing scientist. But hurry, the faith of the world and that of Dr. Hofman is in your hands. Who knows how long the kidnappers will spare him.
PLEASE NOTE: "The Kidnapping" and "The State Secret" (in Berlin) have identical puzzles and are therefore only once to be played. In Berlin, it is merely a DDR version of the mission.

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Address escape game The Kidnapping

Hamburg, Bremer Reihe 24 · 20099 Hamburg
+49 40 - ... Show phone number

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