LARP-game ConQuest, Live Adventure Event GmbH. Hannover.
LARP-game ConQuest, Live Adventure Event GmbH. Hannover.
LARP-game ConQuest, Live Adventure Event GmbH. Hannover.

LARP game ConQuest

Players 7000—8000 players
Age Age restriction 8+
Price 105—160 € per player

About the game ConQuest

The Counter Strike

For three years, the Great Host of the ELements tried to destroy the Primordial Sceptics and their Mirrorworld. Although there were some results, the enemy was also able to continously achieve their goals. Therefor, the Forsaken will have collected enough force to start a counter attack on Mythodea next summer.

ConQuest 2017 will be about stopping the Forsaken who have entered Mythodea and now hold the Worldforge, the source of all creation on Mythodea. The players need to attack this fortress to reclaim the Worlforge and stop whatever the Primordial Sceptics plan to do with it.

Only if this is successful, they will again have the chance to enter Kelriothar and defeat the root of all evil in the following year. Should they fail to reclaim the Worldforge, the Forsaken all over Mythodea will grow stronger than they ever were since the Worldfire.

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Address role-playing game ConQuest

Hannover, Rittergut Brokeloh
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