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Despite its cosmopolitan veneer, Hong Kong is not a welcoming city for women, working women or working mothers. Women are over represented in casual, part time or low status full-time jobs, meaning they likely lack the social security protections and benefits of full time and higher status roles.

This is a shocking statistic for a city teeming with talented women and is lower than AustraliaMalaysia and Singapore. One reason is the challenge of motherhood on working women.

In Hong Kong, new mothers currently get only 10 weeks of maternity leave — although the government is proposing to raise it to 14 weeks. However, this is still less generous than neighbouring Singapore or Australia. In addition to inadequate statutory leave policies, employers are not welcoming to mothers.

More than half of employers in the city say they prefer not to hire women with children. This motherhood penalty is a serious problem for Hong Kong and this finding should shock our city into action.

Affordable and accessible child care and elder care options are sorely lacking in Hong Kong and represent a ificant barrier to employment for working mothers and informal carers, especially those earning lower incomes. Gender inequality in Hong Kong extends into home life, where ingrained gender roles are still apparent.

Women perform 2. It is a fact that gender equity is good for business.

Companies with more gender diversity yield better. Gender equality is good for families and makes happier children. Equal distribution of household chores lead to more satisfying marriages and partnerships. Gender equity is good for economies: greater female workforce participation le to increased GDP.

How do we achieve greater gender balance?

In order to achieve balance we have to keep moving. TWF is focused on challenging gender stereotypes, increasing the of women in decision-making and leadership roles, and empowering women in poverty through ground-breaking research, innovative and impactful community programmes, and education and advocacy.

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