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When it gets busy be rooted in God who sustains.

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We juggle chores, responsibilities, spouses, children, and jobs, all while trying to look graceful and cheerful. The world tells us to grin and bear our rushed lives with grace and charm. We should just smile and suppress our exhaustion, while pretending to be someone who has life all figured out. How can we manage a packed life and find joy among the seasons of busyness? Life can go at a break-neck speed if you let it.

Make a conscious effort to slow down your life, and to savor the moments you have with family.

While a to-do-list a mile long can be overwhelming and daunting, break your day into manageable pieces of time and focus only on the MOST important items to get done at that time. Saying Goodbye to Survival Mode, by Crystal Paine, offers practical suggestions and solutions to help you identify your priorities.

She walks you through setting routines and establishing boundaries to help you find balance and recover your joy. My copy is dog-eared and has frantic bibles in the margin! Be fully present and focused on the task at hand, no matter what that task is. Be careful not to let social media destroy your allotted time to get things done! By allowing room for sickness, tiredness, and just plain life, you feel better knowing there will be time to finish the task at hand. Breathe, by Priscilla Shireris a must-have resource for the busy woman who tries to do it all!

She gently points to the freedom found in taking a Sabbath rest, as well as practical solutions for making it woman for you. When I focus on my to-do-list, I am likely to have a panic attack and want to retreat back to bed! For when I focus on the peace that is promised by the Lord, my heart is tuned to sing His praises, even in my busiest moments. I can then lay my rushed and hurried life at His verses, praying for Him to guide my steps. When busy seems out of control, I remember that He is IN control.

My busy, distracted life is not what He wants from me. He wants my bible to be tuned towards Him, praising Him for His sacrifice at the cross. And when my eyes are busy on Jesus, that alone fills and completes a busy woman like nothing else.

When we try to be perfect and verse the illusion that we have life figured out on our own, we are diminishing our need for a Savior. Ask yourself why are you striving to be perfect. Is it to show others how great you are? Or is it a heart-issue that needs to be surrendered to the Lord? Our need to be woman can become an idol; one where we take our eyes off For and put them onto the good works we are doing.

Learn to enjoy life again. Laugh, dance, sing, and just be silly, as a way to release the stress. Make time for rest. Sarah Ann is a perfectly imperfect wife and mother, and is thankful for the saving grace of the Lord.

She's passionate about equipping women to live with intentional faith, family, home, and habits at Proverbs31Mentor. her for biblical encouragement and practical lifestyle tips to help you live on mission for the glory of God. Send my Bible study To the Failed Homemaker, I know the dirty little secret that you hide from the outside world.

You think people would be shocked to peek into your messy life. Send my Bible study I live in the South, but I am a beach girl at heart.

Of all of my reasons to have a love affair with sandy beaches and tropical climates, the ocean itself has captured my heart. The pounding waves call to me. The tides fascinate me. The unceasing rhythm entrances me.

The question is how do siblings become best friends? As the mother of 6 children ages 26 through 15 that consider their siblings their best friends I have gone straight to them and asked them how…. Send my Bible study When I was a new bride, I would dream how our family would look in the future. It took time and intentional…. Send my Bible study Can we be totally honest about your quiet time routine?

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And mine, too! Have you ever felt unsure where to start reading the Bible or how to have a vibrant prayer life? Multiple times. Beautiful words of promise. Thank you. Jenn H recently posted… Hearts for Home.

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Great bible verses. Also great books. Victoria recently posted… Snapshot Thursdays:. Wow love all these versus and these wonderful reminders — we women younger and older — I am midlife get worn worn worn out with our lives!!!!

This is great! I think women of all ages and stages battle weariness with the pressure and all of our responsibilities before us!

Oh, my. Thank you so much for this post. It is just what my soul needed today. I am really struggling today with grief and soul-weariness.

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I needed to be reminded of Isaiah today. Amanda C recently posted… Meditation, Yoga, and Christians. Every one of them. Thank you! God knows right where to send me when my world seems to be spinning.

Thank you, thank you! I understand, Keianna! He does the same thing for me! Blessings to you! I love this! I have a of Bible verses printed out right next to my desk so that I can look at them when I work. These would be great to add.

Tips for Using the Library Effectively. I love these verses of encouragement! It has been one of those days here and I needed to refocus on the Lord and His goals for me.

May your soul find rest in the Lord alone! I love these verses.

Wow, Bible verses and great book recommendations. Glad to have found your post at Grace and Truth!

Sarah, great post. We all can use a reminder of who is really in charge. I get worn out and I needed this. Elizabeth recently posted… Snickerdoodle Sunday. Beautifully written Sarah! This is my absolute biggest downfall, trying to do everything. Thanks for this post. I understand! Thank God for that! Great encouragement!

Bible verses for the worn out woman

Thank you so much Sarah Ann for linking up to my new link party! It means more than you will ever know! You did a wonderful job of sharing your insights along with perfect Bible verses to illustrate those insights. Psalm is one of my favorite reminders to slow down.

What astounds me is that we all know this and yet we need constant reminders. Thanks for the reminder today, Sarah Ann. We DO need constant reminders! I wish I could say I easily learned and more importantly, remember these truths from the Lord, but I apparently have a short memory when it comes to remembering what God has done on my behalf.