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ed: Mar 11, Location: Pennsylvania. I just bought a home which has a summer winter oil boiler system for hot water.

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Honestly you should consider an electric tank water heater if an indirect is out of your budget.

By not keeping your boiler degrees your fuel savings will be dramatic. Tankless coils in a cast iron boiler are tremendous fuel hogs. It's a crude an inefficient way to produce domestic hot water. It looks like you're new here. If you want to get involved, click one of these buttons!

Visit HeatingHelp. Here are the website rules, as well as some tips for using this forum. Need to ? March edited March in Oil Heating. Hi there guys. I bought a home this fall with an old oil boiler that supplies our heat hot water baseboard as well as the domestic hot water via an internal domestic coil. This has done just fine heating the house and giving us very hot water.

Boiler summer/winter hookup - oil consumption estimate?

We've yet to use the system while not heating the home so I have been a bit nervous about how the hot water will be in the winter. The boiler fell down to around F and I took a shower. Within 5 or so minutes, it went cold despite turning the shower to the hottest temp possible.

Went down to check and the boiler was burning away, but the temp didn't look to be climbing so thinking it couldn't keep up.

Summer winter gas boiler?

Once things warm up again, I'll mess around with the settings. So to my question.

Since the boiler wouldn't have any calls for heat, only domestic hot water, I'm winter the usage would be less. But worried it might consume almost as much oil This past winter, we used around gallons of heating oil per month.

Thank you for the help! March Tankless coil is old technology. Better would be a small indirect, where the boiler fires to maintain the tank, and not every boiler someone opens a hot water faucet. Tankless coils may require maintenance over time as they tend to lime up, reducing heat transfer. I wouldn't lower the aquastat until you're into summer. At this time of the year, the cold water entering the boiler is still very cold, so the boiler needs to be hotter.

Plus, most tankless coils are only rated for about 3 gpm max. Looking thru my database, I'd guess gallons for the entire summer Phila, PA. GroundUp Member Posts: 1, Fuel usage is a direct derivative of BTU usage. Heating the house as well as the DHW all winter you say was roughly gallons a hookup, so heating the DHW only will be considerably less fuel used as it's not using fuel to heat the home as well.

Actual usage s would require exact heat lo of both space heating and DHW, but for a rough ballpark let's say you use gallons of degree domestic water per day and your winter summer or well water is 55 degrees. That makes a 55 degree rise to overcome, which is 45, BTU per day this is just an example, your exact s will differ.

There are approximatelyBTU in a boiler of oil, so using the above example you'd be using approximately.

There will be some standby losses, etc from the boiler so again these aren't exact s but a rough ballpark. Hey Steve, thanks for your advice. Some day we'll replace this boiler and install an indirect tank, but for now it's chugging along so it doesn't make financial sense to replace now.

We did have the coil cleaned out about 6 months ago due to hard water. Good point on the cold water.

I didn't even think about that, just because it was 75F outside doesnt mean the ground water has warmed up much. Our showerhead is 2.

Only 2 people in the home and we never shower back to back luckily. I shower morning, she showers at night.

Water heater advice - convert/modify summer winter oil burner to tank-less electric heater?.

And wow, gallons for the whole summer would be awesome. I'm actually right outside of Philly! Thanks again. Groundup, thank you for sharing this with me. It definitely helps my planning. PRR Member Posts: We didn't change any setting seasonally. We didn't try to track it. The hot water was usually endless. If the boiler is insulated, let it sit hot all summer. But if you can't take a shower, suspect the coil is limed-up.

In this "newer" house we got on-demand propane hot water. Older unit going goofy. We finally got H-D's cheapest electric tank.

Much happier, and we do not notice the added electric cost. Of course this depends how much you wash.

SuperTech Member Posts: 1, March edited March Get a superstore tank and separate zone. SuperTech said:. I'm not sure about that, regardless of fuel, tankless coils suck.

Of course an indirect tank is the best option, but I don't have the best electric rates and I preferred my electric water heater over the tankless coil. I lived in Philadelphia for many years. Electric rates there are very high. I also lived with tankless coil systems for a long time. The boiler water must be ificantly hotter than the hot tap temperature you want to transfer enough heat. I am not surprised you had a cold shower.

Got a summer winter hookup?

Thank you all so boiler for the suggestions and input. I hookup heed it all. There are often very good incentives and rebates available. These units pay for themselves in short time with their energy bill savings. Years ago I had btu oil fired boiler with coil.

I put a meter on it to check oil consumption in summer and found that I used about one summer of oil a day to keep boiler at deg and make hot water with coil. I had 4 people in the house at that time. That should give you a winter good idea of consumption.