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English Bulldog puppies for sale.

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English Bulldog puppies have one of the most distinct looks out of all the purebred dogs. One of the hardest tasks if you want a new puppy is finding a reputable breeder. This is one reason why we put together a list of the best English Bulldog breeders in North Carolina. Hopefully, our list helps you narrow down your search and find the perfect puppy!

We think you might be interested in other breeds similar to this list of English Bulldog breeders in North Carolina:. As always, please do your research, talk to and meet with the breeder to ensure they are ethical, and treat the dogs and puppies well. Queen City Bulldogs is a family and friends-run organization that breeds for temperament, health, conformation and maintains the characteristics and bloodlines of the English Bulldog.

Their dogs are raised in the home as part of the family, widely socialized, and part of everyday life.

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Their goal is to place any English Bulldog or puppy in a responsible and forever home. Expect to talk to this breeder a lot about the environment your Bulldog will live in, exercise, feeding, and grooming. These English Bulldog breeders in North Carolina also offer stud service, ultrasounds, insemination, and will soon be offering pet boarding. The link to the breeder is available on the site. Breeding Bulldogs sincethis kennel is a small family-run business that focuses on temperament, health, bloodlines, and structure.

They offer a health guarantee, provide the name of who they use for the health check, and will take the puppy back under any conditions. Additionally, all their English Bulldog puppies in North Carolina have their most current vaccination shots and will de-wormed by the time you pick them up. Additionally, English Bulldog puppies bought from Breeding Bulldogs are socialized in the home, sent home with AKC documentation, have up-to-date health records, and come with a 1-year health guarantee.

Their Bulldog puppies for sale in North Carolina are allowed to leave at 8 weeks of age as long as they have passed their health checks. Visitations are allowed by appointment only if you want to see their facility. The English Bulldog breeder is very comprehensive in the details and expectations.

This includes grooming, vet visits, environment, health care, safety, weight control, and toy safety — to name a few. Bulldogs of English can be followed on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. They are located in Spring Lake, North Carolina. Melissa Merritt and her dogs on GoodDog.

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Her English Bulldog puppies are raised in the home with regular socialization with other dogs, animals, and people and are exposed to everyday activities. The enrichment program used by PrimeCut Bulldogs includes everyday one on one playtime, leash training, and outdoor time as well as everyday noises and activities. She will keep the Bulldog puppies until they are 10 weeks old and will go home with all of their current shots.

Melissa is from a family of breeders with over 20 years of experience working with English Bulldogs.

She spends much time and energy researching for breed quality before she puppies a litter. The ideal traits of her English Bulldog bulldogs for sale in North Carolina is temperament, health, and the betterment of the breed in terms of conformationally.

A puppy adopted from PrimeCut Bulldog comes with a one-year health guarantee, dog food, and a dog toy. You have several options for picking up your new family member, including ground transportation, a flying companion nannyand meeting the dog at the location. To talk to the breeder and begin the application process go to Gooddog. Health carolina and checks are done on the dam and sire as outlined in the Parent Club for this breed. Thus, their puppies are brought up and socialized in the home. We like the fact that the breeder will take the dog back under any condition and works with the owner for the life of the dog.

Additionally, you can message the breeder through the AKC Marketplace. The site for this kennel touts itself as a family-owned business that focuses on the health and betterment of the breed. They hand raise their English Bulldog puppies in the home and are brought up with dogs, children, and north family members and will be used to everyday activities and sounds.

When bringing home a puppy from Buffalo Bulldog, you will have the paperwork for their vaccinations and a one-year health guarantee. Buffalo Bulldog gives the name of the prenatal care facility they use. The breeder has a Responsible Breeder Program badge from Gooddog. The puppy questionnaire is on the site home and is fairly thorough. They ask questions about your environment, how much time you will spend with the dog, and what kind of care you can offer. They truly care where their English Bulldog puppies in North Carolina go.


The history of the English Bulldog is a long and somewhat violent one. English Bulldogs are descended from the Roman fighting mastiffs that the Romans brought to England centuries ago.

Bull baiting was banned inand the of English Bulldogs dropped north. Some people even feared they would become extinct. Fortunately, some wise and dog-loving people saw great worth in this wrinkly, stout, and loveable pet. They bulldog the dog to have a better, kinder, and more even temperament. Additionally, English Bulldog puppies quickly became popular companions and became used in Germany and the U. There are things to know about the English Bulldog to help you decide if these loyal and smart companions are perfect for you. You also need to know facts about their health.

English Bulldog carolinas in North Carolina are not temperature tolerant. They overheat easily, causing breathing problems, and chill quickly in puppy weather. Additionally, they are loud breathers with a tendency to wheeze, snort, and drool.

Another interesting fact is that almost 40 universities have mascots named after the breed and is the official mascot of the Marine Corp. Also, Bulldogs have 10 color variations with 6 north markings, and there are 14 different Bulldog breeds. Make sure you can train them consistently as they can be stubborn and dominant, but also make sure you love them often, as they are one of the sweetest and carolina affectionate dogs you will find.

We hope that we found you fine some reputable English Bulldog breeders in North Carolina. If traveling to these English Bulldog breeders in North Carolina is too far, you can check out our other recommendations:. This site does not constitute pet medical advice, please consult a d veterinarian in your area for pet puppy advice.

Bulldogs of English NC Breeding Bulldogs sincethis kennel is a small family-run business that focuses on temperament, health, bloodlines, and structure. English Bulldog Temperament There are bulldogs to know about the English Bulldog to help you decide if these loyal and smart companions are perfect for you.

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They are sweet, gentle, affectionate, and will actively seek out affection and attention. They are patient, dependable, predictable, and great for families with children. Groom your Bulldog once a day, clean the folds regularly for health reasons use a cotton balland their skin can be sensitive.

Although English Bulldogs can technically swim, but due to the shape of their head they are actually at risk for drowning. Disclaimer Terms and Conditions Privacy Policy.

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