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While some people may judge you for this, it is a great way to get back out there without feeling a lot of pressure and feeling like you have to commit to the first person you go out with.

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College is the time for so many new experiences: exploring your academic interests, braving dining hall food is chicken supposed to be yellow? Without your parents there to watch over you, it can also be a time to test out the choppy waters of romance, maybe for the very first time.

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For those interested in dating but unsure advice to start, I've collected the best dating dating for college years from women who have — against all odds — survived the college dating scene. Dating in college can be challenging — there are so many new people, you might be experimenting with alcohol for the first time, and you could feel overwhelmed by the options. Perhaps there's an emphasis on hook up culture, and, for anyone who has ever proudly done the walk of shame, it can feels like a barrier to dating.

However, the women I spoke to have navigated all types of romantic and sexual relationships, and are ready to share their wisdom. I've collected advice from people who went to a variety of institutions — small liberal arts colleges, large universities, performing colleges schools — so they really have seen it all.

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Read on to learn exactly how to get the best possible dating experience, at any college. College is a thrilling time, and you want to make the most out of it. Take that class you're scared to take, try the new hobby, and venture out on dates! Take this advice for the best possible college dating experience.

By Ginny Hogan. Find The "Romantic Moment".

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Start practicing dating in college. You have your whole life ahead of you to settle down and get serious, so spend this time dating around, playing the field, and having a ton of safe sex. Maybe people are telling you don't date in collegeor to enjoy having casual sex.

If that's not something you want, you don't have to listen to what everyone says. Know what type of romantic or sexual relationship will make you happy, and then go pursue that. I met my boyfriend in the Frisbee golf club.

I'd never played Frisbee golf before, and I never played it again, but if I hadn't taken a risk and tried something new, I never would have found him, and we're still together today. All the good ones get swooped up quick! Just kidding.

Take your time and date around — there are so many people to meet, and college is all about trying new things. My advice to anyone dating in college is just to date as many people as you can.

Date your classmates, date a townie, go abroad and date a townie there. Fall in love with everyone!

So do it now!! Don't date anyone freshman year. Wait until junior year when everyone is older and smarter and you find out which people actually grew up rich. Date the quietest business major you can find! Search Close.