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Shotguns are potent weapons that require skill and precision to use appropriately. Even the most highly trained marksman who spends an ample amount of time on the range may desire to upgrade and modify their weapon to provide a bit of extra accuracy or comfort. Mounting Solutions Plus has a variety of high-quality and affordable accessories available for the Mossberg Stronger parts intended to complement the weapon can improve its performance while retaining the qualities that make it a mainstay among gun enthusiasts. Keeping your weapon clean is vital to top performance.

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Plus, the shotgun just so happens to be the most versatile weapon in my armory. With a single 12 gauge pump gun, I can hunt deer, birds, and bear. I can defend my home or shoot skeet. One of my favorite modern pump-action shotguns is the Mossbergand the series in general.

The Mossberg series and I go mossberg a long, long ways. These are all items I own and have spent ificant time with. In most cases pistol grip only shotguns suck. They are painful to shoot, difficult to control, and filly very niche roles. The Knoxx Breachersgrip works with thetheand the Mossberg Shockwave. The Shockwave is an odd gun legally. This traditionally means you have to use included the included Shockwave Raptor grip.

I saw it had an odd extension and was tactical counting on it resulting in an overall length of 26 inches to keep the Shockwave NFA free. The Breachersgrip is a recoil reducing pistol grip deed for short shotguns used in breaching operations. I just wanted a comfortable upgrade to my mini hand cannon. The Breachersgrip greatly 500 felt recoil and makes PGO shotguns comfortable. I have put some nasty rounds through guns with this grip, including those powerful PDX buck and ball slugs.

I felt almost nothing. It turned a 12 gauge powerhouse into something closer to a 45 ACP from a Recoil reduction is important for more than keeping your wrists from aching. The Breachersgrip is custom for replacing standard Mossberg JIC pistol grips, or those found on cruiser models. Most importantly the Breachersgrip from Knoxx and Blackhawk is one way to tame 500 Shockwave. This allows the easy mounting of lights, lasers, and even chainsaw grips.

The pump is textured and ribbed for a sure grip. Also, mossberg looks cool as hell. To mount it to a short barreled shotgun or firearm you have two options.

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Option 1 is to Dremel the pump to fit the short action tube. Option 2 is an adapter from Hogue.

Why, you may ask? Because with a vert grip you are a lot less likely to short stroke the shotgun. You get a really solid grip and a stable platform. If you want to be really effective with 12 gauge shotguns you need to learn to mitigate recoil. It makes it easier to aim, and helps prevent getting an eye full of shotgun.

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If you start running a 500 hard and fast the likelihood of your hand slipping is real and those barrels are short. Night sights can make a big difference in your low tactical shooting performance. The XS Big Dot front sight is a combination day and night custom that replaces your teeny tiny bead. The XS Big Dot is a must have even if you rock an optic. It stands high enough to co-witness with my chosen optic and optic rail. The fact that it co-witnesses with my red dot is mossberg icing on the cake.

This would be great for hunters since a lot of hunting takes place in low light conditions. The Ergo stock adapter is just that.

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This small and affordable little piece of gear allows me to easily add my chosen AR 15 pistol grip, buffer tube and stock to my Mossberg and This was one of my all-time favorite buys. I love being able to toss my Magpul AR grip and carbine stock on my shotgun. Ergo Tactical Stock Adapter. It attaches in about a minute and you instantly have access to a multitude of system options, including the ability to add a brace to a Mossberg Shockwave.

Lasers are a great addition for most defensive guns. They offer defensive shooters just one more option when it comes to aiming their gun.

The main issue a lot of shooters run into is having trouble finding the dot. LaserLyte Center Mass Laser. The Center Mass target throws a 9 dot laser in a circular pattern. Instead, it gives you a rough idea of your spread will be at particular ranges. This particular center mass laser uses a pressure pad for its on and off switch. When combined with rock-solid sights this laser is just one more aiming option for close quarters combat.

I have two of them so far and will likely have another in the future.

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They are a great miniature red dot, and mini red dots are perfect for shotguns. Miniature red dots give you a lower profile, lighter weight option for close quarters shooting. Since the shotgun is the king of close quarters they are quite compatible. The Mossberg series of shotguns mossberg almost always tapped and drilled for a scope mount. Installing a scope mount is custom and there are plenty out there. I went with a simple Monstrum Tactical model. Monstrum Tactical Rail Mount. It has two modes, a manual adjustment and an automatic adjustment. In automatic mode, it automatically adjusts to the external light conditions becoming brighter and dimmer when necessary.

The manual mode allows you to easily cycle through 8 different brightness settings. The optic uses a single button for all its controls. This does mean if you miss your favorite manual 500 you have to go through all of them again.

First, the battery is changed via the side. There is no need to dismount the optic to swap batteries. Second, adjustments are custom to make, but tactical. 500 can lock the adjustment tabs tactical with a small flat head screwdriver. This makes it so nothing moves, even on the fiercest recoiling of guns.

The optic is small, mossberg, but offers a bright, but clear dot. It also co-witnesses perfectly with my XS Big Dot front sight.

I mention close quarters all the time, but this is a great tool on a Mossberg used for skeet shooting or hunting. Skeet shooting is slowly being infiltrated by miniature red dots. Burris is even producing something they call the speed bead that uses a miniature red dot for sport shooting.

I like my Vickers Blue Force Gear slings. What makes 500 interesting is the rapid adjustment tab. A quick pull rearward or forward of this tab tightens and loosens the sling. This allows it to be tightened down when climbing, crawling or running and then bam, instantly loosened for shooting and maneuvering. The quick adjustment tab allows for easy adjustment and control over your weapon.

While it traditionally found on a carbine there is nothing stopping it from being an excellent Mossberg sling. I love it for climbing a tree stand. I can tighten the sling around my back and work my way up without the gun banging and clanging as I climb.

The Opsol Mini Clip is one of the coolest little gadgets you can add to a Mossberg custom shotgun. Opsol Mini Clip.

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The Opsol mini clip is a drop in, drop out upgrade that allows you to reliably use those Aguila mini shells. Aguila Buckshot Mini Shells. In a standard 5 shot tube, you can load 9 rounds of the Aguila mini shells. You have three different options for opening this safe. The first is your traditional key and lock option, which is great in case the power goes out and batteries die. The second method is through a 4 or 6 digit combination.

The combination keys are 1 through 4 and are illuminated.