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Are you looking for that perfect nickname for your girlfriend? There are several tips and guide for choosing the best nickname at the end of this article as well. Gorgeous — This is a name that is evergreen. Calling a woman gorgeous is always a good nickname. Cuddle Bug — The perfect name to call her when cuddling together and watching a movie. Sweet Little Dumpling — A woman with a curvy figure that likes to show off her curves will appreciate this one.

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Cute girlfriend pet names are just like cute women…nearly every one is already taken.

Funny cute names to call your girlfriend based on her personality/hobbies/unique traits

A little research is all it takes to come up with a romantic pet name that will make your girlfriend or wife feel loved and appreciated. You want a name that only she can answer to even when both of you are in a public place. The name should still be memorable enough.

Another best practice when choosing a nickname for your girlfriend is to go for sexy names. A sexy name will automatically remind her of the good times you shared together.

Sexy nicknames can also be quite suggestive. For instance, calling your girlfriend using a sexy name right before bedtime is a great way of clueing her in on what the night ahead will be.

+ adorable nicknames for your girlfriend that’ll make her swoon

Last but not least, a perfect girlfriend nickname should be one that carries personal meanings to both of you. You might choose to call her My Damsel in Distress as a reminder of the day you responded to her distress calls. Angel — One of the most popular girlfriend nicknames, Angel resonates with beauty and magic. Other variations include Angel Eyes and Angel Face. Babe — A classic girlfriend pet name that still rocks.

Baby — Means you want to care for her, just like a baby. Baby Doll — Perfect for an incredibly stunning name. Beautiful — Self-explanatory. Blondie — Use this name if her hair is pleasantly cute. Bond Girl — Perfect for a daring girlfriend. Bootylicious for Ideal for a girlfriend with big booty. Brown Sugar — Okay, sugar is sweet. But brown sugar is incredibly magical. Butterfly — Ideal for a lighthearted girlfriend.

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Candy — Means the sweet one. Chica — A common nickname for Latina girlfriend. Chiquitita — A sweet girlfriend nickname that was popularized by the Swedish pop group, Abba. Coo Coo — A funny yet still romantic pet name for girlfriends.

Cupcake — For a sweet girlfriend.

Cutie Pie — A fancier variation of Cutie. Darling — Another classic girlfriend nickname that has never lost its magic. Firefly — Means her presence brightens your life even during gloomy days. Glorious — Ideal if you want to make her feel treasured. Gorgeous — Self-explanatory. Honey — This classic nickname applies to both girlfriends and boyfriends. Hot Stuff — For a beautiful girlfriend. Kitten — The meaning is similar to a Honey Bee. Lemon Drop — Excellent for a girlfriend who can be sour sometimes but is generally sweet. Little Bird — Excellent for a small-sized girlfriends who also loves to sing.

Lovey — One of the cutest and name romantic girlfriend pet names. My Dear — A more specific variant of Dear. My Fair Lady — Appropriate for a charming and classy girlfriend. My For Means you consider her love undying.

Peachy — Great for a cute and sweet girlfriend. Pretty — Self-explanatory. Princess — Appropriate for a girlfriend who loves to be treated right.

Pumpkin — A very fond girlfriend nickname. Smiley — Excellent for a girlfriend with a beautiful smile. Smoochy — Ideal for a girlfriend that loves kissing.

Spanky — Her booty is so fine that you love to spank it. Sunshine — Means her beauty lights up your world. Sweetheart — A classic girlfriend nickname that most women still love. Sweetie — The more endearing form of Sweetheart. The Fairest of Them All — A rather long name for a nickname, but is perfect for girlfriends who love dark fairy tales.

Tinkerbell — Excellent for a cute and magical girlfriend. Twinkles — Appropriate for a girl who ignites your passion. My Twinkling Star is an even cuter variation. Vogue — Appropriate for a fashion-loving girlfriend. Wonderful — If her presence fills you with awe, then Wonderful will be a perfect name for her. We hope you could find a perfect girlfriend nickname from the collection above.

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