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Whether you're thinking about your crush or trying to find the perfect songs to add to your playlist for your next date, you definitely want to find some super romantic songs to put you in the right mood. Luckily, there are plenty of amazing and beautiful love songs out there that remind us all about what it's like to fall in love and be with that special someone.

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When life tries to break me down, only music can make me feel alright. Let me share music's greatest gift through my top playlists!

1. "we could happen" by aj rafael

These cute love songs will definitely make you smile. Jamie Street.

There are a lot of songs about love that can make you cry and feel cute. These songs often deal with breakups and other relationship misfortunes. That said, there are also songs that can make you smile, and give you all the short feelings of finding love.

This list explores five of the sweetest, and undeniably cutest, songs about love. Songs like these make it so we can never forget how wonderful it feels to find our own beautiful love story. This song is one of the cutest and most beautiful love songs of all time. Written and preformed by one of YouTube's song talented and promising singers, this song will definitely make you believe in the power of love. These song is about a guy who falls for a girl.

His words are sweet and his voice is awesome. It's a truly moving performance.

Cutest love songs that will make you smile

You can listen to this song when you feel hopeless about your love life. In fact, it might just convince you that true love is still possible.

You never know, maybe your true love will have a lovely and charming voice, just like AJ. This song was written and produced by two of my most favorite artists, Tori Kelly and Ed Sheeran. Their voices were perfect for the soft and calming vibe of this song.

This song is about a couple who are entering into a new relationship and promise not to hurt each other. Despite the ups and downs that come with any relationship, the couple believe that they were destined to fall in love and promise to stay in love.

This is definitely one of the cutest love songs ever written. This one has some of my favorite lyrics. Honestly, who wouldn't get "the feels" if someone compares you to Jasmine and Aladdin? This is such a sweet and lovely song.

If you ever sang it to someone, they would instantly swoon over you. Moira Dela Torre is one of the best Filipino singers alive today. Her popularity can be credited to her heart-wrenching lyrics, which she sings with a very soft and beautiful voice. Because of it's happy lyrics, this song is a bit different from the other songs on Malaya.

It gives us all the beautiful feelings that come with falling in love and having someone who would have your back no matter what. I cannot stop myself from smiling whenever I hear this song. This is one of my favorite love songs of all time. This one is truly a classic.

Written and performed by one of the Philippines' greatest singers, Janno Gibbs, this song never fails to make you feel warm and hopeful. The lyrics tell us a wonderful story about a guy who is secretly falling in love with his friend.

The melody is perfect and never fails to make me feel emotional. Hi, Maddy.

You can start by choosing what song best suits your feelings. Once you have your song, it's now your pick how you would let him hear it. I hope the best for you and I hope it works out. God bless.

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