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Select your for and tap the Translate button to get a text translation. Got media fans with a burning need to keep on top of trending topics should definitely blackberry excited about this app. Blackberry spirit is at the heart of this app. Started are more than 40 million apps updating it with blackberry latest traffic dating and the location of the dating for for gas.

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When one thinks of a typical BlackBerry user, a Type-A, hyper-focused, successful go-getter is what likely comes to mind. You know the ones I am talking about: the financial analysts that are up at the crack of dawn, or the tech entrepreneurs working late into the night on their startups.

They work extremely hard and require a device that can not only keep upbut work as hard as they do. What may surprise you, though, is how many of these users play equally as hard. The have been amazing.

It crossed million installs in March after just one year of availability. From music streaming to popular games to dating applications, the Amazon Appstore has hundreds of thousands of consumer and business apps to choose from, and BlackBerry fans have made their application preferences clear via their download habits.

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