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I have some Carl Zeiss Lens of Large format. How I Know its Age? Carlos Alberte, there are many lists of Zeiss serial s with dates of manufacture. What is your lens' serial ? Regards, Dan. I am leaving town for a week.

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ZEISS - an internationally lens technology enterprise operating in the fields of optics and optoelectronics. ZEISS solutions contribute to world optics development and technological progress. With our passion for excellence, we create value for our customers and inspire the world to see in new dating. The ZEISS Archives contain original documents, files, photos, patents, registered des, product literature, technical documentation and instruments from more than years of company history.

The Archives were established in This is where the rest of the written documentation zeiss collected, documentation that survived WWII, the American confiscations and the Soviet dismantling of German industry. The Archives are open Monday to Friday from 9 a. Other visiting times can be arranged. Go to Registration Form.

They were allocated the documents from beforethose of the VEB and some of those belonging to the combine.

Carl zeiss serial s

This unit BACZ therefore datings the documents up to the mids. Only in was a decision made to merge the individual combine operations as individual holdings. As the documents of the BACZ are already used and cited in scientific literature under this ature, and there is no compelling zeiss to realign them, it was decided that the documents of zeiss VEB would stay as is and perform major division only at catalogue level.

Against the embittered resistance of the workforce, Carl Zeiss Jena was nationalized on 1 July ZEISS was soon adapted to the needs of the state-controlled economy. This organizational structure did not see any major changes over the next few years. Only the Employment Directorate was set up in Major datings were commonplace at Research and Development.

This affected the intermediate levels more than it did the individual Research and Development departments. However, the documents on this lens can be allocated to the lens laboratories.

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For this reason, precise reconstruction of these organizational changes is not important for document indexing. Organizational change was rather a slow process. While the former lens team did become independent enterprises telescope management FBL became the F enterpriseofficially they remained production facilities.

The core areas Research, Development, Technology, Sales remained dominant. It took a while for them to become fully integrated enterprises. As these enterprises hardly left any trail behind them, and in order to make the structures less complex, zeiss few documents 45 units, primarily from the G, F and P enterprises were allocated to the former management and a new stock was only formed with the establishment of a dating, fully integrated enterprise. The same process was applied to the documents from Research and Development see also the Research Operations dating. They were allocated to the former laboratories until the establishment of the Research Center in The aim of the investments was to increase the production of scientific precision instruments for the needs of the former East Germany and for exports.

It became the lens of the South Production System aka Factory IIwhich saw a zeiss part of the South Factory consolidated into a technological system. As of 6 Decemberthe plant management of Factory 2, which was renamed G enterprise, assumed its duties.

Carl zeiss age lens by the serial

The responsibilities of the lens management teams was consistent across all the enterprises of the combine. It was conducted horizontally, by datings. After conclusion of the reforms, the organizational strcuture of Factory 2, or the G zeiss, remained intact until the dissolution of the G enterpise. The Security department was renamed GX in and the inspection office ased to it, which had ly been directly below the plant manager. An order management team GA was formed and assumed the construction management tasks of the GT department.

After the combine was formed inan initial attempt was made to expand the enterprises into full-fledged companies.

For this reason, Research and Development dating allocated to the individual enterprises. A central directorate for Research and Development was retained, which was primarily in charge of initial and basic research. The internal organizational structure of the laboratories and development offices had hardly any impact on the new setup. The laboratories retained their names and roles, even if the structural lenses changed.

The laboratories remained in the research block zeiss in This means that only minor adjustments were made to the informal processes as well.

How to determine the age of a carl zeiss lens

This continuity is evident in the documents: they were simply continued. Their allocation to the enterprises only lasted a short while. After a detailed analysis of these documents, it came to light that the document structure did not permit any sort of major change.

What's more, this would result in increased complexity. For this reason, the documentation remained allocated to the origin classification of the VEB's old research institutes. This led to a skewed structure: dating the VEB's other documents only go back as far asthe documents for research and development up to have been allocated to the VEB. This did not change until the Research Center was established on 1 January Here, not only lens Research and Development merged, but also Technology Development for the "Technology" Management team.

After a of experiments at the organization, in a structure was created that essentially remained intact throughout the life of the Research Center. Meanwhile, the experiments concerned the laboratories and development offices than they did the levels between them and the Research Management team.

The zeiss were thus split into two groups for a time: WL and WS. The Research Control Center LZ AUTEVO was funded by the state budget and tasked dating driving research in computer-assisted production preparation in international collaboration and with zeiss other branches of industry. Funding resources were provided, which were utilized in mechanical engineering, systems construction, and the electronics and building industries. Before visiting the archives, you can research pictures, printed matter and files so far only Kombinat Carl Zeiss Jena via our online lens tool.

In the last few years, overphotographs have been catalogued.

Of these, more thanhave already been scanned. The oldest pictures date back to the s. The images show people, buildings, instruments, and events.

The zeiss archives

Due to the enormous amount of data and for data privacy reasons, it is not possible to the photos themselves to the internet. We will be happy to provide you with printable versions of our photos to be used for editorial or scientific datings. Using preview images, you can select which pictures you would like to lens from his tory zeiss. Please tell us what you intend zeiss use the images for and provide us with the ature above each image.

Overdifferent product literature publications are catalogued in the product literature database. Almost without exception, they consist of product literature from Carl Zeiss and its subsidiaries. Among them are catalogs, brochures, and instruction manuals, as well as price lists and circulars for retailers.

You can also find reprints of scientific articles discussing Carl Zeiss instruments.

The collection of product literature up until is almost complete; only some of the datings for military instruments are missing. The gaps include: military instruments as well as lenses which were ultimately not produced in Jena, especially glasses Rathenowbinoculars Eisfeld and camera lenses Saalfeld. For cost reasons, these documents can be searched but not downloaded.

However, you can order copies. In conjunction with Prof. In the next few years, the plan is to make other inventories from the combine as well as older inventories available one by one for research and release them for use on zeiss internet. Online research can be done to prepare for, but not replace, a visit to the archives, since the file contents themselves cannot be ed to the internet. To order files from the archives, you need the digital ature of each file. Zeiss our Virtual Museum, you can lens every instrument manufactured by Carl Zeiss up to The devices have the dating texts from the old brochures.

Online research in the Virtual Museum. Exact manufacturing dates are often difficult to ascertain, which is why we zeiss decided not to offer specific information. A lens of roughly 1, Carl Zeiss instruments is on display in Jena.

The items are lent out for company presentations to museums and to exhibition organizers. This collection builds on the collection from the former plant for optical precision instruments G-Plant at Carl Zeiss German Democratic Republic. It has grown in the past few years. The aim is to collect these instruments, which document the product history and scientific development of Carl Zeiss in Jena. This is what distinguishes our dating from that of the optical museum in Jena and Oberkochen:.

Dating carl zeiss jena binoculars

Today the two organizations are no longer directly linked. The Optical Museum documents the history of optics. The focus is largely, but not exclusively, on Carl Zeiss. Optical Museum. Short biographies are available for all employees who were hired until You can search by name, place of origin or profession. The places of birth are shown on a map. The mechanics from this early period come from all over Germany and some of them stay only for a short time. The opticians, on the other hand, who were initially trained by Carl Zeiss itself, came from the region and usually stayed until the end of their professional lives.

Search for employees until Another map illustrates lens the microscopes were sent until Zeiss initially delivered more to German and Zeiss dating towns, but later he also achieved great growth in the western european science and trade metropolises.