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So girls grow up working tirelessly, trying to maintain a perfectly pretty outside, while letting our minds deal with all our emotions — the good, the bad, and the ugly. The only way to bring these two differing views together is through compromise, a give and take scenario, filled with respect for each others way of doing things. John Gottman says that for a happy and stable relationship, you have to make your commitment to your partner stronger than your commitment to winning. If you do that, your relationship wins. Basically ego has to take a back seat to allowing each other to be human. We are all perfectly imperfect, filled with doubt, uncertainty, fear, and pain.

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My facetious but almost true! Many of us guys sometimes think it is a little uncool to study hard and make good grades, but all the while we try to impress others as to just how brilliant we truly are.

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But they also feel no compulsion to flaunt their grade point average to us slackers! I know there are multitudes of exceptions, even in the area of studies, but I want to spend a few minutes with you to explore the serious and some not-so-serious differences between guys and girls, men and women, gentlemen and ladies — plug in whatever titles are most politically correct in your city!

After reading that rather immature version of the battle of the sexes, I find it hard to believe anyone might be of the crowd that thinks there are absolutely no differences between guys and girls, except maybe a happen-chance switching of a chromosome or two. Copy and paste any of them into your favorite search engine and see what I mean.

Well, enough disclaimers. I could have been much more scientific and brought in the big guns like neurologist Dr. Michael Conner from Oregon to prove to you that men and women differ in every cell of their beings. My approach, though, was to appeal to your funny bone and hope that it would somehow seep up into your brain!

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God deed the two genders to complete each other, not to compete with each other. They are definitely equal, but certainly different — in almost every area of life.

Are you:. In which of these four would you currently place yourself? Wherever you are on the spectrum, keep moving downward, would you?

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Steve Shadrach lives in Conway, Ark. He works with the ministry of Student Mobilization. At the end of the day, is my boyfriend obligated to obey his parents when he knows what God has spoken over us? Friendship can be an enemy, a seduction of the mind lying beyond the reach of investigation.

Or not.

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A pastor, a friend, his wife! Yet no one seemed to care enough to confront or even ask him about the gossip that was being shared. Fourth of July is the best day of the year after Christmas. This year my family is enjoying the usual festivities in South Dakota — without me. Our Father alone, through the power of His Spirit, can use us to bring His black and white children back together. About Us Meet the Team Menu. Life With Others. October 23, by.

Steve Shadrach. What differences? Even though a guy has 50 percent more brute strength than a girl, she is able to withstand higher temperatures than he can. A girl has a larger stomach, kidneys, liver and appendix than a guy, but she has smaller lungs, thus giving her less breathing capacity than a guy.

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Girls, though, have the left hemisphere more developed and are therefore more verbal, communicative, sensitive, and more prone to phobias and depression. Guys use restrooms solely for biological reasons — to drain their bladder. Girls, on the other hand, use restrooms as social lounges. When the restaurant check comes, each of the guys will throw big bills out on the table to supposedly pay for the tab.

When the check comes for the girls, each will get out her calculator to verify the total and figure her down-to-the-penny part. All week, a girl between thoughtfully make an extensive list of things to purchase at the store, and when she arrives, she walks directly from item to item, comparing prices and coupons.

When the frig is empty and starting to grow things, a guy will just show up at the closest store and start cruising up and down every aisle, throwing in his basket anything that looks appealing. Even though his cart is jam-packed, he girl try to butt in the 10 items-or-less difference line. A guy has five items in his bathroom — a razor, shaving cream, a bar of soap, a boy, and towel from Holiday Inn. Neither the and nor the girl is counting time-outs, loves or replays!

A girl believes that visitors will be impressed by a clean house.

A guy believes the visitors will be impressed by his large stereo. If a girl is out driving and she finds herself in unfamiliar surroundings, she will stop at a gas station and ask for directions. Guys, of course, consider this to be a of weakness. A guy will never stop and ask for directions.

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I recognize that Ace hardware store. A girl worries about the future until she gets a husband, while a guy never worries about the future until he gets a wife.

Girls love cats. Our conclusion?

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Guys and girls are different. Genesis 2 is where it all began. Are you: An Eliminator : these people deny there are any differences at all. They will demand and manipulate the other gender to see things their way. An Accommodator : deep down, these people know there are differences, but choose to ignore them.

They are in denial and seek to avoid understanding the opposite sex at every turn. An Appreciator : these people are beginning to see the diversity as necessary to healthy relationships, realizing that God uses the differences to mature and grow them. A Celebrator : these people have embraced the differences and actually enjoy them.

They see how they can fit in and complement the other gender. They view the sharp contrasts of mind, will and emotion as plusses, not minuses. Copyright Steve Shadrach. All rights reserved. Share This Post:.

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