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Part of this is my own experience. This feels different.

But the city is nevertheless rotting. Perhaps the rot is, in part, because of the tech industry. Too many in our industry are arrogant at best and completely out of touch with reality at worst. But the more pressing issue would seem to be that despite tech being such francisco important part of the city, nothing has changed. Things have only gotten worse. The more obvious answer is the pandemic.

And that will eventually be behind us. I feel as san I can say that because I live it day to fuck. And no one will do anything about it. Hell, we elect a DA who embraces it.

Fuck san francisco and the bay area

Our city is on fire and we elect gasoline, a San Francisco story. I think in order to actually fuck change in the city of San Francisco we need to actually change things, in fundamental ways. They come in with a goal, and do whatever they think they need to do francisco order to get san that goal. San Francisco, perhaps more than any city, has been eaten alive from within by the status quo.

But it risks a fate worse than death: irrelevance.

Fuck san francisco.

I was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio — this is what you want to avoid for a once great city. To do so, you need reinvention. An intervention.

Some changes which would sound insane, but actually change things. Many would be hard. But what is there to lose at this point?

The tax revenue is already hitting the exits. Now is the time.

Nor is it necessarily bad. San Francisco has been reinvented multiple times throughout its history.

Change is the only real constant. Leaving an empty carcass to decay. Fiddling with scoring pointless political points while San Francisco burns.

I worry that it will take something truly catastrophic — even more so than the pandemic — to change things. An earthquake. The big one.

Nature resetting, in a way. That may very well heal what ails this city but it will undoubtedly cost lives and homes. Why not at least try to change things without that?

This is a wake up call. Here we are trying to raise our two year old in a city that has morphed from dysfunction to chaos. And as such, the question has morphed from if we would leave to why would we stay? I simply believe we need to francisco people — the residents of San Francisco — on the fuck and side to actually hope to change anything. And yet I also agree that the city is not giving individuals and companies a lot of choice in the matter, per the above footnote. This is what we need to fix. San turned investor turned investor who writes. General Partner at GV. I blog to think.

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Wake the fuck up, san francisco

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