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You may have wondered why that funny guy you know always seems to be getting the best girls. Just like any other skill, humor can be learned by knowing the right things to say to get the toughest girl all soft with laughter. Here are funny questions to ask a girl to make her laugh.

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Hands down one of the easiest ways to keep a conversation going is to ask questions. When you have interesting and funny questions to ask a girl ready to go they can be used as excellent conversation starters that can feel effortless. Instead, just weave them into your conversation if things start to slow down.

Different environments call for different questions but most importantly, go with whatever fits your personality. The best funny questions to ask a girl. Funny questions that make you think thought-provoking. Like many things in the dating world, your delivery is far more important than the words you use.

Playing 21 Questions can be interesting in some scenarios. But for the most part, you want to avoid asking a bunch of questions back to back. If your exchanges start to slide into a question-and-answer vibe, it can feel very dry and forced. Rather than asking these questions to evade an awkward silence, use them to kick start a fresh topic. Because I grew up in New Orleans and my family would always do xyz.

Already, this hypothetical question and answer has given you three tangents to run with. This is important to make sure your delivery comes across as fun and interesting rather than feeling like an interview. I like to keep my dating conversations light and fun regardless.

It lets me be cheeky on occasion and get away with a lot more than if I was very serious all the time. Remember, the best way to look dorky with these questions is to make it serious and dull. Humor is such a powerful thing and can be a great way to break down those initial walls.

If it starts to get a little dry on your date, these questions might be all it takes to turn that around.

Funny questions to ask a girl (the best options for guys)

Intentionally silly and light-hearted, they can spark a totally new and fun conversation. And it is a great way to get to know someone. A simple question to answer with a definite dad-joke ending. Good for a cheap laugh and a serious question at the same time. Nobody enjoys the awkwardness of sitting there while everyone sings. This question might be a tough one.

A little more risque, it can be a non-threatening way to bring sex into the conversation as well as an interesting answer. Either way, you just never know when those zombies are coming for us. If you think about it from the outside, humans have some pretty weird rituals, huh?

Walking the same route every day for no reason?

First date questions

The question is, do you both share the same taste in travel destinations? This question usually brings about an interesting storytime. Ridiculous injuries rarely have a boring story attached. The bank ? Supplies at the local homeless shelter? Which direction will she go here? This question leaves the door open for her to get a little risque too. Will she talk about some silly text message she sent a friend or her collection of nudes?

Again, you just never know when this will become important. Is she the one you want by your side when it all kicks off? This is a great way to see what she thinks of herself. No matter the answer, this is a fun topic. We all have that one thing we like to do to unwind, right? Terrible reality show? An unusual hobby? Another question that we all have a guilty answer for. Admit it, you fell into some hilarious trends growing up too!

Such a great prompt for a hilarious story.

70 funny questions you can ask a girl to make the day lively

Just make sure you have your own answer ready for this one as well. Are you about to relate on your hatred for hand-washing dishes? Only one way to find out. This question is a great way to demonstrate confidence. She probably has a fun story attached as well.

We take so much of what we do for granted. The question is, what part of a man is she most curious about? Just about everyone loves ice cream. Maybe a future date idea to see if you can create it at home?

For women in particular, this tends to be an easy question. Knowing her favorite scent can be helpful down the track too.

Fun questions to ask a girl

Bring on the cringey responses. Party tricks and hidden talents are always a good time. Especially if she can demonstrate it on the spot. As someone who uses dating apps often, I love hearing about these.

People do some weird things in dating but hey, at least it lowers the bar for the rest of us. Online dating in particular seems to bring about the best stories. Who knows. You might learn a little about her personality type with this question. Fiercely independent? Cute and cuddly?

For most of us, the early years of dating brought about some interesting decisions. It also meant some cringe-inducing mistakes — why not look back on them together and laugh about it? This is another simple yet fun question. Not something we all think about each day, so enjoy figuring it out together. We all have our pet peeves, huh?

Laugh out loud funny questions to ask a girl

Why not exchange hilariously irrational hates? Who knows, maybe you both share the same ones. There are so many great options to choose from here. Funny dating stories are always hilarious. One of the best ways to do that? Ask questions!

Weird questions to ask a girl

More specifically, funny questions help to keep this process interesting for both of you. The conversation that comes from each of these questions is going to tell you so much about her. There are also a lot of flirty questions to ask a girl that you should consider using as well if you want to take things to a more intimate level.

It can be an excellent look at what she values in a person. Department store? Outdoor equipment?