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Do you want to turn that hot girl friend into your girlfriend? If so, this article will who you how to approach this delicate situation the right way. I even went to Spain to hang with her and her ex-boyfriend for a few days a couple of years ago. I had zero interest in getting together with her at that time. We hang out a lot.

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When I was younger, I was constantly becoming friends with women I wanted to date. I hid my true intentions and feelings because I believed the myth that by being friends first, eventually the woman I wanted would fall for me. When I could no longer girlfriend my feelings in, usually the friendship ended shortly thereafter. My friendship to these women had been a fraud.

It never worked in girl life, but it always works in TV and the movies. I never for a moment considered or contemplated the possibility that these girl friends simply had no romantic feelings for me. After all, by the time I hit my 20s, I had probably seen hundreds of movies and TV shows over the years where the guy always got the girl by being persistent.

In real life this approach will give a man blue-balls and make him incredibly frustrated and lonely. I went through this process too many times with too many women and wasted too many good days of my life wanting what I could never have. When I look back knowing what I know now about women, some of these girl friends could have definitely been turned into girlfriends.

What is the friend zone?

What would I do differently? In order to erase all doubt over whether or not you can turn your girl friend into your girlfriend, once she knows you like and want her romantically, is to back away and become scarce.

Become busy doing things and interacting with women who are single and available. A man who is a catch always has options with women. Women will chase men who they perceive as being popular with women. So they can catch them and have them all to themselves. Men who understand girlfriends are very rare and hard to come by. Women can be ruthless that girl. In every relationship both people are going to get bored with their partner at times. This creates the space for both friend to miss each other; this helps to maintain the sexual polarity.

So when you feel overwhelmed by your desires for your girl friend, you can simply back off and act bored and disinterested. Never call or text her unless you are responding to her phone call or text. Women will love you more if they have to work to get you.

The following is an e-mail from a reader. He works with the girl friend that he has fallen for. He pays no attention to the fact that she was very clear and upfront with him that she only wanted to be friends with him. He has totally taken himself out of circulation where he could meet a great girl who wanted him just as much as he wanted her. But instead he got hung up on a woman who he has almost no chance with. This is just one of the ways that people avoid being in relationships.

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They get emotionally invested in people who can not fall in love with them. Most women who you find attractive and want sexually, are not going to feel the same way. When a guy is single and looking for the next great love of his life and when he meets or encounters women he likes, he needs to answer one question as quick as possible: Is she in, or is she out? Rinse… recycle… repeat.

Friends into lovers

My comments are in bold brackets like this in the body of his e-mail:. I like the friedship zone post you put up. I read it all. I am in that boat now with a girl I really like. She told me from the get go that we are just friends.

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She told you up front, but you have ignored this because you are projecting your own sky-high level of interest onto her. You see what you want to see. I acccepted that, but in the months to follow that statement we became closer.

Judge a woman by what she does, not what she says. Friendship hugs only. You are ignoring reality.

So how come the “friend zone” just happens?

We enjoy each others company sounds like you enjoy it more than her till a few months ago when everyone thought we were dating and kept asking her the same question till she got tired of hearing it. I bet you probably encouraged them hoping she could be talked into falling for you. She resented this more than likely. So told me she needed space and the past month I have given that to her.

Now she started talking to me but only at work. Hint again. Sounds like friends only. She does not feel comfortable and does not want you to continue carrying the torch for her. I see no s in this of her ever wanting anything more than just having a friendship with you.

I want that friendship back Bullshit. You want the bologna curtains.

You forgot one thing. She has to feel the same way. Screw this nonsense! This chick is a waste of your valuable emotional energy.

Never try to keep someone who does not want to keep you. You should be partying like a rockstar on your days off with women who adore and want to be with you. All she is doing is giving you blue-balls. Is that fun? I think not.

How do i go about this? If she has interest in hanging out she will bring it up. How would you treat a woman you were bored with?

Treat her like you are bored with her because you are ready to find someone new. Be nice, but be as scarce as possible. She will FEEL the difference.

Escape the friend zone

If it bothers her that you no longer pay much attention to her, she will mention it. Please Help. Let me coach you. and book a coaching session now! If you feel I have added value to your life, you can show your appreciation by doing one of the following three things:. You have a direct, impactful, and simple way of expressing your points when giving feedback.

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