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When a girl is not ready to commit exclusively to you, how you react is the KEY to winning her back. James has a girl who is not ready to commit exclusively with him. I suggest that you pay attention to the following exchange because when a girl starts fading away, most men do the WRONG thing.

I was dating a girl and everything was going great, had sex a few times she was actually pursuing me. Anywho, I told her I was done and hope she enjoyed her friend, she responded that she was not ready to commit exclusively to me as we have been dating only a month. When you try to lock a girl down as your committed exclusive girlfriend too soon, it pushes her away and she loses attraction.

In your case, this girl is clearly not ready for a relationship, but she wants to have fun.

When a girl is not ready to commit exclusively to you – she wants to date other guys

She wants to date other guys… but she is also down to have sex with you! Because you tried to cage her down into something more serious and exclusive, it pushed her away.

When I first met her we hit it off. By the second date, we were in my bed making out but she stopped when I tried to get sexual. Same thing happened on the third and fourth date. We started going for runs together, we started going to dinner, coffee dates, she invited me to travel with her to another country. I live on my own in a huge house and she started helping me decorate.

We went shopping for curtains, and candles, etc… because she wanted to make it more romantic… and she started talking about how she wanted me to come meet her family out of state. However, on thursday last week I didnt hear from her throughout the whole day, until the evening.


She said she had been honest with me when she said that she wanted to meet other people, because she wants to discover what she wants in life. So I bid her farewell. I asked her what had happened with us, because it seemed like the whole thing did a dramatic turnaround. With all that was other on in her life… she didnt feel like she was ready to jump into an exclusive relationship.

And she told me she needed me as a friend. I do believe she is going through a lot of girl, but if she is so closed about sex why does she want to still see guy people? I honestly dont know what to do. I would appreciate your input man, I think she is worth fighting for but how do I do this when she just friendzoned me and all this is going on? All these things: Romantic dating, going to dinner, running together, traveling together, cooperating together in building a romantic love nest, talking about meeting her family….

Women can do this often. One week they are hot, then they go cold… and if you chase when they go cold, you push them away. This time take the relationship romantic aspect slow. Right now I also recommend also seeing other girls.

It might sound counter-intuitive, but it helps your chances of getting back the attraction of this girl. This video reveals 5 Romantic Mistakes that make a girl fade away. I review the Scrambler here. Have a look at this video to see what I mean.

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Menu Menu. You go out together, the sex is great, and you even talk about your future together. You feel things are really going great! But then she drops the bombshell… She wants to date other guys as well. Why does she feel this way?

Anyhow would love to get your help on this, need an external perspective. I cut off contact on Thursday waiting to see if she responds.

What do you think? How to make her exclusive?

What to do when "new girl" is seeing other guys?

And in the mean time, I suggest you also talk to other girls. A LOT of sex was going on. Also, she started staying over at my house constantly, and I stayed over at her house too. The whole thing really took off between us!

I really felt things were going great… However, on thursday last week I didnt hear from her throughout the whole day, until the evening. She then told me that she had rushed things.

Let HER be the one to bring up the commitment or the lovey dovey relationship stuff. I review the Scrambler here Have a look at this video to see what I mean.