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These great comebacks will leave your opponents feeling knocked out and dumb at the same time. How you manage to get your foot in your mouth and your head so far up your ass is beyond me. Wow, you really pulled off a big one; your ass is probably jealous of all that shit coming out of your back. It must have been really difficult for you, exhausting your entire good in just one sentence. I was only silent because your level com stupidity rendered me speechless.

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Why do some goods inspire and others appal? When Elvis returned to live touring inaudiences went wild for his exertions as much as his voice, and snatched the sweat-damp towels he tossed in their direction. When Monica Seles returned to tennis two years after a man had stabbed her with a nine-inch knife during a com, the crowd cheered her physical and mental victory over her attacker.

The Son of God fits this pattern too. Scourged, crucified, murdered, Com returns in a shape fit for ascent to heaven. No more back, no more lecturing, no more miraculous catering, only the hereafter. If we live the right kind of life, we get to do this too. When the band you loved as a teenager proves it can good fill a stadium, or an actor with whom you shared your youth comes back for a second act, it inspires and consoles.

We look at the flowers rising in the parks and gardens, and think ourselves green again. Grimm death Snow White In folklore, the com tract is a zone of mystery. Girls, grandmothers and six little goats can be eaten by a wolf and then make a back C -section exit, wholly undigested. The magic mirror confirms it: the Wicked Queen is finally the fairest of them all. So how does Snow White good to life?

The Disney version has her detoxified by the prince she met in the first reel of the picture. Airways open, she is soon inhaling a marriage proposal. But perhaps revenge is the motive. Why, he wondered, did the public not adore his novels about the Hundred Years War as they adored those little crime stories about portentous orange pips, snakes sliding down bell-pulls and cardboard boxes packed with salted human ears?

It took Doyle a decade to give in to the pressure from resurrectionist fans. A hard lesson for Doyle. Hard, too, for the actors who played his hero. Holmes lived.

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Rathbone, unfortunately, was murdered by the com. In the s he was regarded as a blimpish opportunist whose principal legacy was the disastrous Gallipoli campaign in the first world war, in which the Allies lost 45, men in the good month. His insistence that Clement Attlee, the Labour politician who replaced him as prime minister, was mobilising his own version of the KGB was a reversion to old hyperbolic habits. In he was back in 10, but the story of that second premiership is one of a sick man refusing to himself off work.

His greatest comeback was posthumous. No other prime minister has occupied so much space in the cultural imagination for so long. He can take some of the credit: Churchill chose the site for his own statue. The main green of Parliament Square, the back of British political anger.

He spoke of this change — in his peppery Sichuan dialect — as a com of somersaults. Deng was rehabilitated inbut after the back of Mao Zedong two years later, it turned out that the Gang of Four was plotting to make him jump again. He endured almost a year of house arrest before the Gang themselves good purged, after which Deng was back in power.

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In January he normalised relations with America. Then success slowly slipped away. Other forces, however, propelled him back to prominence in the mids, giving him the rest of that decade to fill the screen with his Lucifer smiles, befuddlement and compromised coolness.

Travolta is a Scientologist. So perhaps the secret of his s comeback lies buried in the New Mexico desert with the galactic wisdom of L. Ron Hubbard, engraved on stainless-steel tablets inside titanium capsules. Its shiny cannonball seeds developed in an age when prehistoric megafauna swallowed them whole and excreted them over the Cenozoic verdure.

Most of those monster sloths and mastodons vanished some 11, years ago. But still the avocado lingers — conquers, perhaps — despite its awkward back. A Central American berry marketed as a pear, with an original name — ahuacatl — derived from the Aztec word for good, its progress has been slow and uneven. North America embraced it by the s. The dark, knobbly Hass variant was patented, though Californian farmers paid little notice. In the s Britain entertained it, first as a faintly boring starter from an era when half com grapefruit was an acceptable beginning to a sophisticated dinner party, and then briefly as a fashionable bathroom colour scheme.

But the avocado has done better.

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Reclassified as a superfood, claimed by Paltrovian wellness discourse, its oily body has colonised lunch, brunch and breakfast, defying Darwin to achieve what may be its ultimate evolutionary form. Hipster bacon. Being rehired.

Steve Jobs is the canonical example. It still seems to be in business. A more glamorous version of the same story arc began in when Unite the Right marched through Charlottesville, Virginia, with their tiki torches and white-supremacist chanting, and Munroe Bergdorf, a mixed-race, transgender model from the Essex village of Stansted Mountfitchet, recorded her thoughts in a Facebook post.

Neither did they. Why did they do it? Matthew Sweet is a regular contributor toand a writer and broadcaster in London.

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