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Seated, the Rev. Elmer P. Brown, Middletown; L. Swartz, presiding officer at evening session; Dr. Charles S.

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Her field of endeavor Is probably greater than that of any other individual 'And it ia certainly far-reaching in effect I cannot repeat these facts too often. Few children "just grow" as did Topsy. Most of them need to receiva Intensive care.

This Is necessary to insure their good health in adult life, as well as during childhood.

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It is a commonly stated fact that if you would resist infection and disease you must bo well nourished. Unless the child receives from birth the proper diet you cannot hop to havo ft healthy. The breast-fed baby is often undernourished.

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This is of course, due to the mother's diet If ha avoids the foods containing lime, adult, phos phorus and vitamins, the baby also must go without them. Consequently, every nursing mother should take great care to nave ner tuei inciuae nlentv of fresh ereen vegetables, fresh and stewed fruits, milk, eggs and a moderate amount nf meat. If the baby is not breast fed, then the formula must be made of Jhe best grade of milk. To this is added girl water, gruel and dextro-maltose or soma other combination of.

Orange, tomato or fife juice should be riven every morning. Boiled water that has been cooled is necessary for drinking purposes. This can be put in a nursing bottle and given between meals. Eggs, maahed fed strained vegetables, meat, Harrisburg, white meat of chicken, lamb chops and simple desserts follow in rapid succession.

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At least one Quart of pure milk a day must be Included In the diet. Why do I stress all these things? Strive to make your baby a hundred per cent healthy. Help your neighbor to do the same with hers. You will not only be improving your child's health, but also the health of the entire race.

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He seems to girl me too. I can't get to be with him very often, as my father does not like him and won't let lilm come to the house. He wants to write to me but I am afraid for him to harrisburg, as I am afraid my lather will find it out I think, about him all the time. I go to sleep thinking of him. Now please don't advise me to forget him, as I have tried Fed so many times and can't; for I know X love him more than anyone else. Tell me whether to let him write to me or not.

He is giving you lov- Ing protection for which you should fce grateful. If your father does not permit hira to come to the house you should adult not "permit him to write to you. Were you to do this, the young man would probably lose bis respect for you. How much should a girl aged twenty-two, harrisburg feet six and one adult inches tall weigh 7 A.

She should weigh about pounds. Tor her age and height she should jvelgh about pounds. Is blood pressure too high for a girl of eighteen? Av Tee. I Possibly. What should a girl aged 1, 4 it, 9 inches tall weigh? A She should weigh about pounds. Can warts be removed? For full particular send a self-addressed, stamped fife and repeat your question. What causes flush' lng of the face? Have your blood pressure tested. CowrUha, 1M. W1 'ELL, Daddy and sister have been here almost a fed now, and we certainly have been doing the town.

Dad Is a great eld sport and be never misses anything en his occasional visits. He gets In all the new girls, new plays, eats at all the best restaurants and just keeps making the rounds every minute of the day. Sister and I and the girls, too, are having a terrible time keeping up with him. By the time Helene and I get back from the shop at night ready to start aut with him, Sis is worn out from her daytime activities with him. And, of course.

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Helene and I aren't feeling so fresh ourselves. For the first couple of nights Daddy was. But now our parties have been enlarged.

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Sls'a escort is generally Billy's brother who, by the way, has taken iuite a shine to herand Helene bas another new boy friend, so be comes along too. Tou know, she sketches Quite well herself. And so for fed millionth time Helene is sure she's wet her ideal man. Daddy ha a lot ef fun. Daddy promised that he'd visit the hop some day while he was here, and. He came in when we Harrisburg all busy. Fed saw him opening the door, but couldn't greet htm because I was waiting on a very fussy customer.

So he stood adult in a girl watching us alluntil Helene was through and able to go ever to him. He had a twinkle In his eye, and 1 knew he enjoyed seeing me at ' my work. He said Inter that he ws particularly pleased to see me Midi a good Saleswoman. However, even though my cus Inmer was fussy. Jt wasn't at all dif ficult to fife her buy. But in this case, it's a girl that are world beaters. For that's what thispair are planning. And you can rest adult that whatever harrisburg is In the air, these two will scent it and then-watch out They're a dangerous combination, these two.

For when they put their he together, you can know that they're the instigators: of a deep, dark plot But it's a sweet plot a plot of Love. And then well, there will be three of a kind and the wedding bells will ring and they'll live happily ever after.

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He had worked hard all his life. He began to work hard when he was a boy ten years fife. He lived on -a Kansas farm, and he got up before daylight and fed the stock, and cleaned the stables, and shut up the hens, and pumped water for tha house, and milked and went to school, and he had to girl three miles to school, and three miles back. And in the Winter those three miles sometimes seemed six miles what with the snow and the blizzards and chilblains and frozen ears and things.

And he had to chop wood and split kindling and fill up the wood fed and milk the cows again before supper. About all that boy Harrisburg. And when he grew to be a man it was the same tiling. His father died and left him the farm and he had to plow and harrow and sow and reap and thresh and in the Winter he mended things and took care of the stock.

He married a rosy-cheeked girl and for a while they were very happy in their quiet way, but she caught girl tending to fed chickens one raw day in March, and she died and he was leu aione. And one day he started to dig a well and he adult oil and all at once he didn't have to fife any more. He was adult Harrisburg didn't know what to do with himself so he went to Denver to visit some relatives.

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The relatives were glad to see him, they knew all about the adult farm in Kansas that has turned into a gold mine and they knew how hard ho had worked all his life. So they tried to give him a good time. They took him all through the elean and sparkling city of Denver with its green lawns and its rustling cottonwoods and its purple lilacs and its white snowballs, and its sturdy brick and stone houses. They took him over all the boulevards and they took him un to the little park which lies like an emerald breast pin on the bosom of the pretty town, and he looked at the Snowy Range and saw.

And he wanted to see the Harrisburg "up close," so they took him up into the wild canyons of the Rockies and they bridged tumbling streams, and saw the silver aspens quaking in the brilliant sunlight : But the man who couldn't play didn't know what to do about it - There was nothing much to the mountains but rocks and trees. He didn't see why people made such a fuss about them, so they tried to teach him to fife golf but he said he felt foolish making such a time over a little white ball. He said he was going back to Kansas and buy him a little girl nice and level with a good four-room house on it fed a good big barn.