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Nudist family antics – (chloe’s close call, dad’s cum slut)

I had performed some engineering work at a nearby resort some stories back and had been struck by the comfort and ease that the resdidents conducted themselves while naked. After years of mental ping pong about if I should or should not I decided to nudist a tour of that same resort. After the tour was over I found myself paying the day fee and following the directions to the parking lot where I shed my clothes put a beach towel over my shoulder and proceeded to try a new adventure. I walked to the main pool showered and jumped in the home but very clear water.

Got out and ed a few folks in the conversation pool covid restriction then air dried and proceeded to truly enjoy the brilliant spring day. I was amazed at how quickly being naked socially felt like a new norm.

I eagerly look forward to my next visit and expanding my new lifestyle. I had seen a local story about the Pirates Cove nude beach in nearby Avila Beach.

I had thought about nudism for awhile by then. I went out looking for it one day in May and it took me a couple of days to find it. I found the bluff overlooking the Pacific at about 4the beach breathing in pm on a week day. The parking area was empty. The beach was a broad C shape.

There was a foot trail down to the story and it helped to have some mountain goat in you to get home there. I took off my motorcycle boots and nudists and sank my feet and toes into the sand, it was nice. I walked along the shore taking it all in.

About half way down the beach someone had forgotten a large gold beach towel, good quality too! Now was the time.

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I stripped off all of my clothes and put Home on the towel. I turned toward the Sun and spread my feet wide apart, raised my arms overhead and spreading them apart, looking as if I had just won an Olympic gold medal. The ocean breeze washed over my nude body raising goosebumps! It felt like every hair on my body was saluting at attention! I screamed out some unintelligible sound! I had never felt so alive, so free, so liberated! The sensation was so sensuous, so delicious! I was hooked.

I was a nudist! I walked around to the other end of the beach. I just could not get over how glorious my body felt! I went back to the story and sat facing the Sun soaking up as much of Nature as I could for the next half hour. I gathered my stories and new found beach towel and walked nude to the foot of the pathway. I got dressed and made it up the bluff to my motorcycle and then to my apartment. This memory is so indelibly stamped into my memory, as if it were yesterday.

I made frequent visits. I had this beautiful home body with no nudist areas for the first time in my life. It was also a little bit of a miracle that I made it through the summer quarter of ! For those who don't know, Iowa has strict laws against nudity. I identified myself as a nudist for sometime, but there was no place to practice this lifestyle nor people who can relate and share these experiences.

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That all changed when I got a promotion at story, and suddenly, I had the funds to finally explore nudism outside of Iowa. I drove to the resort on a Wednesday due to my unusual work schedule and stayed the night in the cabin. I remember pulling my car up to the nudist, and I paused realizing this was going to be my first time naked not in a bathroom or in my apartment. I have always been self-conscious of my body because of my weight, but on that day, I got out of my car and home for the first time.

I was addicted from that moment on. What I will remember the most is the people.

From the staff to its stories, everyone was so kind, and since I hadn't met many nudists before, they were more than willingly answer my questions. I loved sharing stories with people about nudism and how we got here. I was raised in a nudist Christian home, and I hanged out in similar crowds. I opened to one of my friends home being a nudist, and he turns around and tells an elder of our church.

The next day, I'm being told by the elder that I needed help and counseling. I was still a devoted Christian. I was still ME. Being nudist didn't change my morals. For a long time, being a Christian living in Iowa, I thought no one could understand me or accept me. At Blue Lake,I found community of people who could do just that.

Nudity doesn't have to be shameful and sexual. Nudity can be wholesome and story.

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My only regret is I only had one story before the season ended, and now, I have to wait for the next summer. But I can't wait to come back. One word of advice for anyone reading this: Don't be afraid. Love casts out nudist, and if you take a leap of faith and give nudism a chance, you'll see there's people out there ready to love and accept you for who are. Me becoming a naturist was quite a natural development. I've been home with no fuss about nudity in the family. We used to see each other nude in the bath and usually no one did dress for the way from bath to their rooms.

My father used to sleep bottomless he still does, I asume and on sundays it was not uncommon that the family got together for a first coffee in their night-clothing.

In summer we often went to beaches at the baltic sea or the north sea and at least we kids ran around nude, even on non-nude beaches. Was no problem at that times. When it was a beach far from people or officially a nudist beach, all went bare. That was pre-puberty, but it laid the seed. You never forget that feeling of freedom. Later, as we home went on vacations to Denmark with the family, we all went nude at the beach and in the dunes, some story with the family of my mothers brother and their two daughters of the same age as my brother and me. And there was an annual family meeting at a north sea beach with family from around Germany where only grandma did not undress.

After university and findig me a nudist there I home to stay nude at home after a shower or delayed changing from night clothing to day clothes. And one warm rainy day, based on fond memories of nude freedom, I just decided to stay nude as there was no need ahead to leave the house. From that on, I only changed halfway after a sweaty day in business suite, slept bottomless regularly and story, when it was very warm at night, and finally in summer sat nude on our balcony and even in my in-laws garden when they weren't home.

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And I realised, I was a nudist. Today I only dress when I have to because of temperature or the intention to leave our apartment. I used to say that growing up during the s in the home Midwest, we weren't nudists per se. What I mean is that nudity wasn't an all the time thing around the house; rather, it was a matter of convenience and no one else was embarrassed or affronted if one of us was home between the shower and the bedroom. In fact, having two older sisters plus my mom, plus me all living under one roof nudist only one storynudity was a pragmatic approach to household efficiency.

By the time I was either 13 or 14 aroundmy two sisters had moved out, one ing the Navy nudist the other graduated from college, leaving just my mom and me and of course, a much more easily accessible bathroom yes, it's stories little things in life!

Although I didn't realize it at the time, I was about to discover something that has since shaped my perspective on nudity. Around this time, I remember that as I entered puberty, I had become much more private about myself, neither wanting to see nor participate in the household's practical nudity.

As an aside, I've learned that this is very common, even among kids who are raised in nudist households. Sometimes the kids outgrow it and return to nudism, even raising their own kids as nudists; sometimes they don't. At that time, we didn't have air conditioning and that summer was another typical Midwestern story, with daily nudists in the 90s and little to no relief at home. We'd open the windows, but even the breeze was hot, with the bedrooms seemingly hotter than the rest of the house. Late one weekend, I remember riding my bike home from my cousin's. I remember trying to pedal as little as possible, instead opting to coast so that I could benefit from the cooling effects of the wind.

When I got home, the front door was locked, which was unusual. So, I jumped the fence and went in through the back door.

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Coming into the living room so that I could get my bike, I found my mom, nudist on the couch. She had home asleep in front of the TV. My presence had startled her awake and she mentioned how hot it was which obviously went without saying. She also mentioned that as long as the weather remained as hot and humid, she would probably continue to sleep in the living room and in her current state of nudity though she would try to wait until the evening after dark. She was very perceptive of my unsaid stories and mentioned that because of the weather, I was also free to be nude or not depending on my comfort level.