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It is never easy seeing your ex- boyfriend or girlfriend in public. Unless you are already over the breakup or you are hoping to get back together you will never be okay seeing your ex out in public with a new girlfriend or boyfriend. It can be painful and awkward, especially when you do not know how to act when you come face to face with your ex. Being single and seeing your ex in public does not have to be a painful experience.

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All lovers create a story filled with moments that once had so much meaning. But not all relationships last.

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This powerplay of emotions is worse if you and your ex have together. As co-parents, the two of you are bound together—whether you like it or not. The fall of a relationship is painful and sad. When there are children in the mix, the situation can become even more emotional, even volatile.

Keep reading for some tips on managing the conflict and pain associated with a break-up so you can be the best parent to your. While some people break up amicably, no break-up is ever mutual. Someone will always be more hurt than the other, even if the decision to end the relationship was a logical one.

Usually, a breakup requires space. Taking time away from each other, letting the metaphorical scrapes and cuts heal will slowly make your relationship better. You must be okay with lessened contact and communication—aside from the conversations regarding your .

Take time to grieve the loss.

The awkwardness will pass, even if there are negative feelings in the meantime. Co-parents communicate effectively and share the responsibilities of parenting—including the financial, logistical, and emotional ones.

To be a good co-parent, you must communicate respectfully when hurdles come up and work together in the best interest of your. In most healthy co-parenting relationships, parents allow each other to express their own parenting style when they are with their. When you are forced to move on from a relationship, you have to unlearn your former partner. As time goes on and you share endearing or funny stories about your child, you will naturally begin to feel like friends again.

And so is your ex. Try hard not to blur the lines with your ex. Because you have between the two of you, you need to embrace them as family, as well as any new partners that come into the picture. If you can, be friendly and respectful to their new partner.

At the end of the day, you want your child to look around and be surrounded by people who only want to see them succeed. So, settle in.

Do what you can to be together around your. While it might be hard to have conversations with your ex after a difficult breakup, try to take the emotion out of the conversation.

How to act around your ex who dumped you?

Again and again, you will hear that consistency is key. However, you should also be flexible. When you request a change to the schedule, give your ex the benefit of the doubt when it comes to forgiveness and scheduling.

You should also try to be available to your ex, even if your instinct tells you to ignore their attempts at conversation. Your child will appreciate seeing the two of you communicating efficiently, respectfully, and kindly. You might also be making them feel insecure, as many children see themselves as a blend of their parents. While you should give your children room to make decisions, their freedom to choose should be limited.

Giving too much power actually has a negative effect on them—they can begin to feel guilty or anxious. Confide in a friend who can help you see both sides clearly, seek out the advice of a trusted religious leader, or a supportive Facebook group. Co-parenting and technology go hand-in-hand. When raising kids in two households, technology keeps things easy and interesting.

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For example, you can set up a digital diary for your ex and you to share. Write notes about cute things your child does or funny things they say.

Add photos and thoughts from two different perspectives—you can even add voice messages or videos. The possibilities are endless. You can also take advantage of video-call apps such as Skype, Hangout, and FaceTime.

These apps are useful in long-distance co-parenting situations. Call them during bedtime or during trips to school in the car. Finally, try installing a co-parenting app that allows you and your ex to coordinate calendarsexpenses, schedule switches, and more. You can also draft one yourself if you feel comfortable doing so. Then, you can keep this document between the two of you or file it with the court system.

Prepare for the unexpected.

A co-parenting agreement serves as a contract that addresses how both parents should behave toward each other and their children. This is in an effort to raise healthy, happy. At one point in time, you and your ex loved each other enough to have together. You are bound together forever through the child you made together.

You can manage shared expenses, use a shared interface to send secure messages, log medical information, and more. If you need help navigating your co-parenting relationship with your ex, consider downloading 2houses and using it as a hub for all things co-parenting.

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