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This is a guide for the everyday woman of all ages and races! Most of us from the time we are little girls have idolized a celebrity who seems process that allure, that have men drooling for them. What if we could as a modern woman tap into that allure?

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Learn more. First of all, the seductress must be impossibly beautiful. She must also be a sex bomb. They just want your man. According to academic Betsy Prioleau who has written extensively on the subject, seductresses come in many guises, and most look more like the girl-next-door than Angelina Jolie.

1. become a queen of curiosity

Legendary Queen of the Nile, Cleopatrawould have laughed at that. Despite popular myth, Cleopatra was no beauty. Reports vary as to what she looked like, but one thing that is certain: she did not look like Elizabeth Taylor. The overall consensus is that she was short, large-breasted and had a prominent, beak-like nose. In all the reports by people who actually met her, none mention that she was pretty, but all mention that she was highly intelligent and had a knack for languages.

10 expert tips for becoming a seductress!

The latter was especially important when it came to managing her kingdom. Although she was the Queen of Egypt, Cleopatra came from a line of Greek rulers, and was the only one of them to learn Egyptian.

She understood the importance of communication which served her both politically and personally. Despite her reputation as a sex goddess, there is only proof that she ever had sex with two men: Julius Caesar and Mark Anthony. Like her, both of these men loved power, and Cleopatra was a shrewd politician. Most historians believe that this common interest—rather than sex—is what drew these two powerful men to her and kept them interested.

This is an important one. One of my favorite examples of this is Yoko Ono and John Lennon.

They claim she broke up the Beatles, that she controlled Lennon, etc. However, one thing they cannot deny is that Ono refused to see Lennon as a god and instead, saw him as a man. She was.

The art of seduction (every woman should read this)

Everyone except Ono that is. Maybe it had to do with the fact that she was a Japanese aristocrat and was not fazed by his success or that she was an outspoken feminist way before feminism was popular. I think it was probably a mixture of both.

In any case, there was no denying that despite the rocky times in the relationship Lennon was smitten by her and remained so up to his untimely death. Seductresses are often said to have a sexiness that cannot be captured in pictures. Part of that is having a sense of humor and confidence. I tend to think of that infamous Princess Diana-Prince Charles-Camilla-triangle that rocked the British monarchy and the rest of the world.

They all said Camilla was funny and surprisingly sexy. Camilla was so confident that she reportedly ended her relationship with Charles and went on to marry another man.

She did not attempt to explain away her role or issue statements like, That marriage was in trouble way before we d a relationship. It would have ended with or without me. To this day, there are still many who dislike Camilla, but few can deny that the woman seems to have both confidence and a sense of humor about herself.

This can be tough.

How to be a seductress starting today

However, all the seductresses in history seemed to have their own interests and their own lives. Think of the legendary deer Coco Chanel. But, she was a pioneer in many ways, including being one of the first women to launch a multimillion dollar clothing empire that is still very popular today. I hesitantly mention Priscilla Chanaka Mrs. Mark Zuckerberg, because she and her husband try to live low-key, and keep their personal lives as private as possible.

However, Chan is known to many as Dr. She married Zuckerberg right after she completed medical school.

Be approachable

While many women in her situation would be tempted to quit their jobs and fill their days shopping and getting beauty treatments, she is currently a medical resident. Now, a lot of women with millionaire and billionaire husbands start businesses, but many of them are little more than hobbies. I am sure he could have. However, he got something far more valuable: a woman who seems to love him for him and not for his Facebook fame.

Plus, I confess that I happen to think they look cute together. This is different from being a narcissist, because a true seductress cares about others.

Maintain eye contact

She charms both women and men, and truly engages with those around her. In fact, many of these women I mention are controversial and continue to have their share of haters. In her spare time, she enjoys needlework, travel, and photography. Connect wi… Read full bio.

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2. sexiness in equal measure

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