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In these turbulent times, social conscience is a valuable asset. What we think, feel, say and do impacts on the people with whom we interact in personal and professional settings.

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With popular shows like " The Good Place " and " Russian Doll ," the question of morality is having a moment in pop culture. As these series illustrate, being "good" is rarely black and whitewhich can make it complicated to gauge your own moral compass. Here are some s you're a better person than you think.

According to psychologist and author Rick Hanson, PhD, one of the primary ways of identifying that you're a good person is through your thoughts, words, and actions. And generally having inclinations toward goodness means you're probably a better person than you think. Carol Dweck, PhD, a psychology professor at Stanford University and author of " Mindset: The New Psychology of Success ," said that there are two of mindsets: the fixed mindset and the growth mindset.

The latter allows people to embrace challenges and overcome setbacks when they are faced with personal and professional obstacles. And having this mindset can be beneficial even in the toughest of situations.

Dweck wrote in her book that a growth mindset "allows people to thrive during some of the most challenging times in their lives. Living an error-free life is tough — that's why some believe that the way you react and respond to your own mistakes and biases is a more suitable way to gauge who you are as a person.

How do you know if you are a good person?

If you perform charitable actions, you might be a better person than you think. That being said, also taking time to take care of yourself doesn't mean you're any less of a good person. : 10 ways giving back can benefit your mental and physical health. Morality isn't black and white and acknowledging that fact makes a world of difference in how we perceive ourselves.

In an interview with Psychology TodayDr. Paul DePompo, a psychologist and author based in southern California, explained that viewing all of your actions as "good" or "bad" can be a toxic mindset that might alter your self-image. Instead, DePompo said he suggests you first define what you think a good person is in three to five words ie: "generous" or "thoughtful".

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Then, you should figure if you feel you identify with being any of the words you've chosen. He said if you see yourself as being more than half of the words you chose, chances are "you are a relatively good, yet imperfect person.

Being able to acknowledge your wrongdoings could mean you're a better person than you think. Being able to create and sustain healthy relationships could be a you're a better person than you think. Doing so typically entails communicating effectively, treating others with respect, and taking responsibility for your actions.

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In can be tough to define what a good person is, but there are a few s that you could be a better person than you think. For instance, acting with good intentions and confronting your own biases are both s you might be a better person than you think. You may also be a better person than you think if you take time to support others while still remembering to care for yourself. Stay up to date with what you want to know.