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It's also why a bad kiss can end things before they even start. A study from Oxford University also suggested kissing is a way for us to size up potential partnersas well as a way to keep long-term relationships together. Of course, bad kissing is subjective. The effect a great kiss has is like a drugdue to a neurotransmitter called dopamine that's released, causing you to crave more. It's why we lust after people who are great kissers, and forget the ones who aren't.

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21 ways to improve your kissing skills

A novice will never know the utopian feeling behind a tender and loving kiss shared with a person. The art of kissing requires much practice to achieve perfection, but when you lack people to practice with, you can resort to practicing alone. Here are some simple steps to help you with this. There are two methods of practicing kissing alone:.

This method involves using a hand as a substitute for a kissing partner.

How to practice kissing alone

Here is how you can go about it. Curl your left hand loosely to form the letter O with the thumb resting on top of the other fingers.

With each thumb, bending at the second t, the arrangement will look like a pair of lips. Then press your lips gently into the other and practice kissing gently.

You can gently touch the 'thumb lips' with your tongue to taste the skin. With more time given, you can gently slide your tongue in between the thumb lips and gradually begin exploring the confines of the 'mouth.

How to practice for your first kiss

Using the tongue suddenly will not only alarm the other person in reality, but will also appear disgusting. In real life, kissing an actual pair of responsive lips will automatically induce more passion. This method involves using a fruit instead of a hand. The ideal fruit, in this case, should be ripe and soft but slightly firm, like a peach or a large plum. Bite into the fruit to make a small hole to kiss into. With time, you can increase the amount of pressure to your required level and let in your tongue at the same time.

Step-by-step kissing guide for beginners

You should maintain a proper rhythm for the kiss to register. When using your tongue on the fruit, you can gently push the pulp with your tongue using gradual sweeping movements. Any bad smell will be a reflection of your breath.

To get rid of this, take care of your dental hygiene. So, make sure you brush, rinse, or floss, so that the actual kissing experience is not unpleasant in any way.

Step 2: lip contact

The art of kissing is not an elusive one. Practice makes one perfect, and with these helpful tips and some practice, you can surely expect to have a good experience. How To Flirt.

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Updated on Jan 16,IST. By MensXP Team. There are two methods of practicing kissing alone: 1. The Hand Method This method involves using a hand as a substitute for a kissing partner. The Fruit Method This method involves using a fruit instead of a hand. Share this story. What's on your mind?

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