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We gathered top dishes from all over middle east and Mediterranean countries. A Syrian dip made of Holland peppe ,walnuts, bread crumbs and concentrated pomegranate molassesseasoned with hot red pepper and cumin. A Lebanese pickled baby eggplants stuffed with crushed walnuts and sun dried tomatoes then soaked with olive oil.

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At Ameera Bread, Ahmed Abbas finds a growing market for dishes inspired by his home country of Iraq, and beyond. He intended to his sister in Portland, and when a Google search turned up Portland, Oregon, he expected to land in a city with views of snowcapped mountains and rainy weather. Shortly before he left Iraq to travel halfway around the world, he learned there was another, much smaller, and sunnier Portland on the East Coast.

As soon as I got here I noticed people were smiling; they were peaceful and welcoming. In Iraq, Abbas was an electrical engineer, but would have needed additional schooling and licensing to continue that work in the United States.

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Instead, he worked at Barber Foods and then at Tandoor Bread and Restaurant on Forest Avenue, where he learned to make the bre that are the foundation of his business. With a loan from Coastal Enterprises, Inc. CEIhe bought the humble bakery and takeout shop inrenaming it for his then-newborn daughter, Ameera. Ameera Bread on Forest Avenue is pizza yet cheerful, with just two tables, iraqi yellow walls, and well-organized menus with photos of the food displayed above the main counter.

While Ameera Bread has developed a devoted following, Abbas and his staff are patient in explaining the food to newcomers who either seek out or stumble upon the small storefront, which is set back from the street. Abbas portland he would eventually like to have a more formal restaurant, but he has been careful to grow the business gradually.

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Over time and in response to customer requests, he added appetizers and sal, such as pizza ganoush, dolma, and tabouli, and hot dishes, including beef and chicken shawarma. Its exterior lightly charred from the panini press, the beef shawarma sandwich takes the chill off a raw November day. In Iraq the meat would be stuffed into samoon, but iraqi Abbas portland it in naan with lettuce, tomatoes, and tangy tzatziki.

Abbas explains that in Syria and Jordan, tahini sauce is traditionally served with falafel, while the mango sauce, called amba, is popular in Iraq and Israel. The rest of the menu may cover broader ground, but the desserts, baked by Abbas and his wife, Hadeel, are all from Iraq.

For Abbas, cooking was not a passion he turned into a career; it was a necessity that has become his calling. Small Business Administration.

His bread is served at three Portland restaurants, and once a week he delivers it to Boston markets and restaurants. Abbas hopes to open other Ameera Bread locations in Maine, and to introduce his customers to less familiar foods of his homeland.

Like hot dogs and pizza, falafel and shawarma are more likely to be casual snacks than what Iraqis sit down to for dinner. He has several stews ready to go in the freezer, such as qeema, lamb with chickpeas and dried limes.

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