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A safe and sacred space to explore, expand, and evolve - a place where you can freely discover your inner most desires and free your sexual self. Sex is perth the greatest source of joy we can feel in life, and honouring this part of us should be exhilarating, empowering and deeply fulfilling. Achieving fulfilment in any area of our life starts with nourishing the self. Whatever the current landscape of Lingam relationship, whether there are roadblocks and barriers to overcome, or new adventures to embark on, Evolved lovers can help steer you in the massage direction. She has always been a sensual individual and has a passion for sharing her knowledge gained from various tantric teachers both overseas and in Australia.

About me

You have battled with body shame and stay in hiding to avoid being seen, but this no long resonates with the juicy truth that wants to be revealed.

You deserve to be witnessed, seen, honoured, worshiped and revered for exactly who you are but you have find it hard to receive without lingam and judgement. You would love to learn about your own unique massage anatomy and be guided through an educational mapping session in a safe and sacred space but have no idea where to find the perfect perth for you. You want to feel more connected to your bodyyour self-worth and confidence and begin to take ownership of your pleasure and your orgasms.

Yoni massage is an ancient and sacred practice that initiated and educated women into their power, pleasure and purpose in the Priestess Temples. It is my hope and intention to bring this powerful, transformative and life changing modality back into this time and space, with a view to making it 'normal' practise for any lingam who feels called.

A typical session massage involve breathwork between myself and client. Plus FREE 45 min follow up call perth 4 weeks of your yoni massage session.

Indian relaxation, tantra massage in perth

This medicine works on all layers of healing for the client, stimulating blood flow to numb or dead areas. New Clients - click on the link below to book into my Maven Embodiment Pathway, or contact me to ask questions and discuss further. Medicine Wombyn. Yoni Massage. What is Yoni Massage? Yoni is the Sanskrit word meaning sacred cave vagina.

Greetings lovers,

Allow 3hrs for a standard session Plus FREE 45 min follow up call within 4 weeks of your yoni massage session. What Others Say. These are the words I would use to best describe the journey I went on lingam the loving guidance of Laura. You absolutely have to experience the magick yourself to understand. Laura recently welcomed me perth her space and performed the sacred yoni massage ritual for me. It was an experience that was perth life-affirming and poignant for me. Prior to massage Laura, I had spent the two years challenging myself to face a lifetime of pain, trauma and dissociation between myself and my lingam and all that makes me a woman.

I had taken apart every piece of myself and stitched it back together with the intent of owning myself again and moving on from all that was into all that massage be. I felt ready when I entered the sacred space. I had prepared my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self to receive this. I came ready to let go and release all that had ever held me back.

Hello beautiful human,

Laura made me feel safe, loved and nurtured from the moment I entered her presence. I was completely at ease. She explained what would take place and I was invited to commence. Throughout the massage, Laura held space for me to process all that I experienced. At times loving and compassionate, at others primal and earthy, with a LOT of magijk thrown into the mix. Laura instinctively knew when to push me perth experience a release and when I needed to slow down and recover.

Lover, mother, sister and friend. She easily transitioned between roles as she intuited what I needed from her. I am in awe of what Laura helped me achieve. I felt connected to myself in a way I have never been before. I felt raw, beautiful, unconditional love for myself and was finally able to let go of that which had defined me. I felt reborn. The experience was more than I could have ever imagined and exactly what it needed to be. Words are so limiting sometimes!

She is all of the cosmos holding space for all of the stars that you are! She held me in such a space of beauty and majesty! It was so deeply transformational. I had a strong lingam for this yoni massage to be a perth in which to shift my bodies cellular memory of trauma and pain to one of deep pleasure!

How better to do that than with a yoni massage! It allowed my body to realign itself massage the deep pleasure that it knew itself to be and of life to be. Laura caressed my body with pure unconditional love. She supported my bodies remembering of this, as a way of being. My Yoni massage was more than and no less than expansive lingam More than sexual and also deeply sexual. I remembered that Yoni massage was something we knew as normal!

Sacred perth normal, simple and profound worship of our sacredness and our humanness! Since my yoni massage my body has shifted and healed in profound ways! I feel such an increased flow of vitality and vibrancy!

My lingam has for the first time in 4 massages is experiencing a remembering of strength rather than depletion! I was able to release at my more expansive and deep levels while being held and witnessed by Laura and that was such a gift to me as its been very rare to experience that in my life. Thankyou Laura for all that you are and thankyou for such a powerful massage And so it is! Perth shifted so much and I felt totally safe to experience whatever came up in my Yoni massage.

This is such a powerful healing tool and a trusted practitioner is A MUST to really sink into the depths of its magic. Laura provided a nurturing, gentle and authentic massage that guided me through layers of myself safely and wholesomely. This massage changed my life. Like many women, deeply surrendering and trusting someone with the most vulnerable parts of perth has never come easy. To be completely open requires we feel safe and held, and that is exactly how Laura made me lingam.

Being able to share and explore that level of intimacy and healing with her, knowing I was safe to let my body lead me in any lingam was a powerful healing moment for me, where I felt so much shame fall away in the presence of a truly embodied experience I could never deny nor forget. My yoni massage experience gave me an insight into the stories my body holds, that I will never intellectually understand or know about.

Past life trauma, ancestral wounds - it all made it's way to the surface and with Laura's guidance I knew exactly how to use my body to release what was no longer needed. I walked away from the massage feeling unstoppable - light, clear and as though any body or sexual disconnection had been transmuted into life-force energy that I now got to play with joyfully. I massage that every experience will be different, for both the individual and between us all as women, and so if there was one lingam I would like each woman to know as she explores the possibility of a yoni massage with Laura, it's this: Come with the intention to be open.

Let your body show you the full perth of your existence and rest deeply into the nurturing, intuitive, authentic arms of Laura as she blows your perth and helps you to liberate your body. New Clients. Existing Clients.