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Includes reviews from DealerRater. I got the worst deal after being told it was a local trade and it stranding me on the road only 3 days after buying it,,then 8 or ten more times, only to find it was from Ohio,, and to richmond the owner look you in the eye and say,,IAM not Mann for the truck, i am almost 70 yrs old heart trouble,,and need a way to dodge appts, this my friend is not a good business. After buying 7 new Dodge pickups in 10 years it now seems like I'm treated with a cold shoulder and nobody wants to deal with me half the time so I'm going to take my business elsewhere.

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Lousy experience dealing with the service manager at Richmond and mt Sterling. They did not honor factory Warranty. Mislead and lied to me for weeks. Rick ithe service manager in particular. First of all, its always important to keep valued customers that come back to do more business, but this don't seem to be one of those places. My sister, my wife, and myself have bought a vehicle here in last couple years.

At first it seemed like a good place to come to but as business progressed it seemed to get worse and my last two visits have been no good. I brought my mother here to make a purchase and nobody seemed willing to help her find a car in that payment range so we left and went up the street to another lot, and she immediately drove one home. I just recently went here to trade in my Subaru that I had bought there close to a year ago and was lowballed on the dodge value and Mann for 3k with the trade for a GMC only 1 year newer, not knocking anything off of its sale price as well.

We all know Subarus richmond much better value but they didnt seem to care so I left and will not go back. I do not recommend anyone to do business here because they may get you into something the first time, if its new but after that they dont care about your business unless your puttin money in there pocket. Customers mean nothing to them, horrible business!

Wednesday Sept4 I test drove several cars. We're really terrible at organization. They ranted and raved over how good this car was and how great a deal it was. I bit the bullet and bought it. They didn't wash it, they didn't peel the stickers off of it, and they couldn't fill it up I had 10 miles to empty because, and I quote, "There are a million sales people and a dodge Mann and richmond lost the one fuel card we have. Oil light comes on. I add a bit of oil and it turns off. Oil light turns back on.

Mann chrysler dodge jeep of richmond

Take it to my preferred shop and drop it off. Monday morning the techs tell me that the car was 1. The car which takes 5. They top it off, said they couldn't find any leaks, it looked fine and I should be good to go.

Go out and the battery is flat dead. Annoying, but maybe someone left the lights on. Anyway, they jumped me and I left. I called Mann Chrysler and ended up in a heated discussion with the dodge uncaring manager I have ever dealt with named Todd. He said the car is mine and any issues it has are also mine.

Thank god I bought an extended warranty. I drove straight to Autozone and had them check my battery, starter, and alternator, which all came up fine. I drove to Kroger, grabbed some food, and get back into the Jetta to go home. Check engine light turns on. The repair was simply described as "not cheap". I hope my extended warranty covers it. In closing, run away as fast Mann you can from this dealership. It's a big name dealership with back yard Buy Here Pay Here policies and once they have your money, they don't care about you.

I was told all I could do is trade it in for something else, and "depending on what you trade it in on, we'll try to be fair", when I inquired about how much they would give me for the car I bought from them 5 days prior. They would "try to be fair" but that was entirely dependent on what I traded it for, and I don't trust anything on that lot that has wheels. You'd be better off doing a deal with a crossro demon. It might cost you less in richmond money and frustration. Mann listen I heard of the stories and some experiences of dealerships!

Folks this place gave richmond a great deal! Took my trade in and I purchased a Jeep Wrangler unlimited ! Blake was an excellent salesman and the staff worked hard to get me where I had to be. I am a dodge.

I am glad I did! Thanks guys five stars!!!! Blake and Todd were so amazing!

They were able to make our Christmas great! We did not anticipate buying a car anytime soon but circumstances would make it a necessity. These guys made it happen for our family. I cannot thank them enough and they were so nice to talk to! Called on the car that I found on Cargurus and talked to David Tewell and received a fast response. I live over 3 hours away and where able to agree to trade s after e-mailing pics of my car and without any hassle.

Financing was a breeze and David meet me halfway to complete the paperwork and deliver the car to me. It was a great experience. It has been one thing after another with these crooks. I returned to buy a new van for my company only because Ram had what appeared to be the best small cargo van for cost.

I once again got a bad interest rate dodge on a brand new vehicle just not as bad. After richmond weeks and phone calls to the dealership I was stuck with my purchase and the seat in the van had caused so much pain in my neck and back that I was making constant trips to my doctor and the local ER. I attempted several times to resolve this with the dealership but each time they adamantly refused and acted very irritated.

Only after several attempts and contacting the owner directly did they actually exchange the vehicle for a used grocery getter and yet again hit me for even more money without any Mann.

I could list several other faults but at this point the main problem is they sold me gap coverage on all my purchases but refused to tell me that the one on the car had been sold by a different company. I traded the car in for a richmond better deal with a much better interest rate and lost my negative equity from a dodge car lot in town. I have been led on to believe that I would have a full refund of my extended warranty Mann as well as my gap coverage upon Trading the vehicle just as though I always have on other vehicles.

Upon canceling that my gap coverage I was told that it was sold through a bank and not through them.

This bank refused to refund the gap because it had been longer than 60 days even though I had not ed above any such terms. Once again I contact the dealership manager who basically did not care and said best of luck to you. This place is nothing but ripoffs who deal with rip-off lenders.

Even if you are tempted to stop here please do yourself a favor and pass them by!!!! Not even a safety inspection! He'll maximize, upcharge and hide profits!

They will send you on your merry way! They make you think they're your best friend while they're selling you their junk. They're very good and bait and switch and very good at turning words around to benefit them!

I bought a Mercury. Salesperson was a good guy. Said the brakes were inspected I spoke with the salesperson after the fact and he told me he no longer works there. He filled me in on some of their tactics. Sales People are good people only doing what they're told.

The Management are straight up thieves! I called to have my truck warranty recall serviced. They refuse to provide me with a loaner vehicle. Rude customer service and really acted as if they didn't want my business. I would not recommend this dealership or any other Mann's dealership to any buyer of used vehicles in Kentucky. The company fixes vehicles long enough for them to be sold and after purchase owners begin to have substantial repair bills.

The company also refuses to make good on any warranty supplied by them and stalls long enough for the warranty to run out. So it's not even beneficial to have a warranty through the company. I have been repairing the vehicle I purchased from them since the date I bought it.

Mann chrysler dodge jeep ram

I've even had to put new tires on the vehicle because the company put substandard, refurbished, tires on it before the sale. Buyer beware if anyone does any business at all with Mann's. Reason for reporting the review: Select Dealer Reviews Find the best dealership for you.

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