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Back to Medicines A to Z. Morphine is a strong painkiller.

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How do people use fentanyl?

Don't See Your Insurance? With just 30 days at a rehab center, you can get clean and sober, start therapy, a support group, and learn ways to manage your cravings. Morphine is an opiate used to relieve severe pain. Named after Morpheus, the Greek god of dreams, morphine provides a feeling of euphoria oft-described as a dreamlike state. The drug can be taken in the form of a tablet, syrup, or injection.

In some cases, morphine can even be smoked. Morphine has the potential to be highly addictive, as tolerance to it develops rapidly.

A federally deated Schedule II drug, morphine is used to treat moderate, severe, and chronic pain. However, morphine also runs a high potential of abuse because of its pleasurable effects and relative accessibility. In recent years, morphine pills have added abuse deterrent coding so that they cannot be crushed, snorted, or injected.

What is fentanyl?

While this has reduced the addictive potential of prescribed morphine, it has not eliminated its potential and it has not impacted illicitly manufactured morphine. Some of the common street or slang names for morphine include M, Miss Emma, monkey, roxanol and white stuff. Morphine is a naturally occurring substance extracted from either the opium poppy plant or concentrated poppy straw. Its chemical makeup is similar to heroin, as they are both extracted from the same plant. Contact a treatment provider for help battling a morphine addiction. As a narcotic drug, morphine is often abused for its pleasurable effects.

Those suffering from chronic pain have the potential to misuse their medication, which increases their likelihood of developing a substance use disorder. Any time someone uses morphine without a prescription, it is considered abuse.

Although it is a legal substance when prescribed, it is a heavily regulated one. Possession of morphine without a prescription is a criminal offense, the degree of which varies based on location and amount of the drug in possession.

Morphine addiction and abuse

Those who abuse morphine in high doses put themselves at risk for overdosing. s of a morphine overdose include slurred speech, inattention, intense drowsiness, fever, elevated blood pressure, increased thirst, lower back or side pain, decrease in responsiveness, extreme sleepiness, swelling of the face and extremities, no movement, slowed breathing, and muscle cramps, spasms, pain, or stiffness.

This is because morphine depresses the central nervous system. Overdosing on morphine can lead to unconsciousness, coma or slowed breathing to the point of death.

Addiction to morphine develops for a of reasons, especially when someone consistently abuses this powerful drug. An addiction typically begins with a tolerance — needing larger doses of morphine to feel its effects.

In many cases, the psychological dependence on morphine develops soon after the physical one. Someone addicted to morphine will compulsively look for and and abuse it, ignoring the negative consequences. Morphine addiction is similar to heroin addiction, and is a very difficult addiction to overcome. Sudden withdrawal from morphine can be extremely uncomfortable and unpleasant; therefore, a medically managed detoxification is the best way to rid the body of the substance according to research. Contact a s treatment provider to discuss available treatment options.

Because morphine is a central nervous system CNS depressant, it is very dangerous to combine with other CNS depressants. Alcohol and benzodiazepines are two commonly abused CNS depressants that can result in extreme sedation, respiratory failure, or even coma when used with morphine.

Make a Call More than half of accidental drug deaths in the U. Some other statistics about morphine include: The of morphine addicts admitted to the emergency room increased by percent between the years of and Morphine addiction can be very difficult to overcome, but it is far from impossible. Studies have shown that addicts who are able to make life changes dramatically increase their chances of recovery without relapse. Help is available. Contact a dedicated treatment provider to discuss treatment options.

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Morphine Addiction And Abuse Morphine is a naturally occurring, highly addictive opiate with painkilling effects similar to heroin. Start the road to recovery. Get a Call. Questions about treatment?