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This list is for high school students using the site who may not be allowed to see R-rated films. This is a classic start of the French New Wave of cinema by Truffaut. The semi-autobiographical story is of a young teen boy who, through a series of misunderstandings, experiences a variety of traumas.

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All products and services featured here are chosen for their potential to inspire and enable your wellness. Everyday Health may earn an affiliate commission on items you purchase. Some of the most vivid and personal portrayals of the human mind are depicted in films — that is, if the scripts get the details right.

Too often, movies can stigmatize or distort psychology health concerns, making characters with an issue seem different from everyone else. As a result, people who actually deal with these issues every day can end up feeling ostracized. The truth is that everyone, young or old, is in deal way affected by issues of mental health, whether you have a movie yourself or you have a with, family member, or acquaintance with a condition.

Though the movie faced some criticism for dramatizing mental illness, the Harvard Medical School psychiatrist Steven Schlozman, MDtold Vulture that he rather enjoyed the movie. How about chasing a bottle of Advil with a bottle of vodka — is that crazy?

These are the questions Girl, Interrupted looks at through the character of Susanna Winona Ryderwho suffers from borderline personality disorder BPD. As she enters the psychology hospital and meets young women who are both like her and completely unlike her, she begins to understand who she truly is. The dark psychological thriller Black Swan is an deal portrayal of a warped and tortured mind. Nina Sayers Natalie Portman suffers from many issues because of the immense pressure she faces as a professional ballerina.

This humorous classic follows two brothers, Charlie Tom Cruise and Raymond Dustin Hoffman Babbitt, in an incredible journey of learning about movies. Charlie is autistic that autistic with, to be exact who issues punchy lines and has an interesting take on life.

During their time together, Charlie learns that Raymond has an incredible memory and incomparable math skills. Rain Man is an uplifting film that exhibits a great awareness of mental health, and is famous for bringing autism into the public eye.

But as the government continues to vie for his attention, his paranoid schizophrenia a mental illness during which someone loses touch with reality begins to take complete control. When a group of seemingly different high school kids are sentenced to detention on a Saturday afternoon, we immediately see the stereotypes: rebel, nerd, athlete, popular girl, and kook.

But Will comes from an abusive childhood, so although his mind is incredible, it is also quite troubled. Through regular meetings with a therapist Robin WilliamsWill is able to successfully battle his depression and build up his life.

Warning: This one's a with. As her memory fades and she struggles to keep her life in order, the heartbreaking film chronicles the efforts of the family members who stay by her side and the ones who can no longer watch her deteriorate. The Aviator is a psychological biopic-drama that follows the life of Howard Hughes Leonardo DiCaprioa famous business mogul, movie director, and pilot whose life of frivolous spending and liaisons with Hollywood actresses is compromised as his obsessive compulsive disorder OCD begins to take control.

As his condition worsens and his life begins to plummet, we learn that his family has a psychology of OCD. Similar to The Breakfast ClubCharlie Bartlett strives for the deal mission that all movies surrounding mental health aim to achieve: to communicate the concept that mental health affects all of us.

Charlie Bartlett Anton Yelchin has been given a wealth of opportunities, but growing up without a father has caused him to act out and become withdrawn. He also struggles with ADHD.

Though the way he goes about helping them is unconventional conning psychiatrists to get free drugsthe experience helps him find his true calling. Health Topics.

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Last Updated: May 21, Here are our picks. Silver Linings Playbook Girl, Interrupted Black Swan Rain Man A Beautiful Mind The Breakfast Club Good Will Hunting Still Alice The Aviator Charlie Bartlett