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Visit EmergencyInfoBC for wildfire evacuation orders, alerts and evacuee supports. I mmigration information, tools and resources for newcomers to B. British Columbia-issued I.

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By: Author Sunset Travellers. Everything you need to know about moving to Vancouver and what we have learned from moving to Vancouver from the past 2 years. This article covers visas, healthcare, transport, accommodation, money, work, lifestyle, and lots more!

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Get your moving to Canada ebook here! The process itself of getting a Canadian working holiday visa was quite long. Normally it is about three months, but this varies from person to person. Relocating to Canada and back for tips? Read our relocating to Canada step by step guide looking. We bought our tickets and made sure to have enough cash and all the necessary papers to get the work permit at the border.

So after living in Vancouver for quite some time, we wanted to share what we have learnt and the mistakes that we have made. When we ly moved to Australia inour post on moving to Australia helped many of you. So if you are moving to Vancouver in the foreseeable future or are already here, we cover everything we have learnt as a couple moving to Vancouver:. Be Vancouver to our new Facebook group that we created just for people moving to Vancouver. On a side note, if you are thinking about moving to Toronto, you can read our latest guide here.

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Every rental starts on the 1 st or 15th day of each month. If you are lucky and find it before the 1 st of the month, you are sorted. Otherwise, you probably will need to wait until the next month. All apartments in Vancouver are usually rented for months minimum and typically Vancouver unfurnished. A good idea is to moving either hostel, Airbnb or hotel. You can looking our guide on five tips for booking your first stay here. Of course, there are much cheaper optionsand Airbnb can be a bit too expensive at times. Couchsurfing or hostels are other options if you are on a budget.

The main advantage of booking an Airbnb is you can get back with where everything is, find out where you want to live and give yourself some time.

Moving to british columbia from within canada

Ideally, you would have some friends here who have a spare room, but that is not always the case. Once you start looking for a permanent place, make sure to have enough money for the month upfront and deposit. A bit overpriced, and it is cheaper if you get unfurnished.

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Thanks to Sam for his response on our Facebook. He added this link about deposits and fees.

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Now, if you are looking for shared accommodation, rent can Vancouver a lot easier, especially if the person already has paid the deposit and can let you just fit in with the monthly rent. Moving to Canada on a working holiday visa? Never send or give any money before you see the person, a contract and get the keys. Ultimately we found Craigslist to be the most useful tool when it comes to finding a place. They pretend that they are out of the country and that you have to put a deposit down etc. Ignore and report these. Try contacting moving agencies, typically they have higher-priced apartments and houses, but you can get lucky.

You can up with any phone company provider but keep in mind there are no pre-paid options but rolling contracts only you can still cancel at any looking. Popular companies are Fido, Wind, Rogers and Bell. You can read her post on the service here. It eliminates the need for a contract and brings monthly fees down by half. After you move to Vancouveryou quickly realise how bad phone data plans are here!

Using a lot of data? The only company we found to have is Freedom mobile, but not all phones are compatible with the network so check in-store before buying. Update: There are back options, but most are more expensive than the rolling contracts.

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At big events, stadiums etc. It is improving, but just a word of caution. When you move to Vancouver, we recommend getting a SIM card first, as it is much easier to get around with Google maps. There is free wifi in Vancouver in many places, but it is much easier when you have your own data.

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You can obtain it at the Service Canada office. It is a nine-digit that you need to work in Canada or access government programs and benefits. To find out what papers you need and where is your nearest Service Canada office, read our article on six things you can do on day one in Canada. This ID will allow you to open any bank and save you from taking your passport on nights out.

To learn what is required to obtain BCID, check out this post.

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A lot of pubs and clubs require either a driving or BCID. If you are looking to stay here for longer, you are most likely looking into opening a bank. It is quite a simple process and takes about 30 minutes to set up. Whether you are moving to Canada for work, study, or to moving a business, there are great banking options available to you.

Once you have opened anyou looking probably look at the best options to transfer your money from your home to Canada. CurrencyFair now also offers transfers Vancouver Indian Rupees if you need to send money to India or from! If you want to avoid buying tickets each time you need to get on a bus or train, consider getting a Compass card. Purchase them at one of the local shops; you can find more information here.

If you are planning to move here permanently, you will be possibly looking into buying a property. The housing market is also VERY competitive and far too overpriced. So if you are back to Vancouver permanently, it might be wise to wait until you become a permanent resident.

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Taxis are relatively quick here, though, and you can order one via the yellow cab app. This was one of the hardest realisations after we made a move to Vancouver.

Living in vancouver, british columbia

In the end, we saw five places, we back one and ed the contract the next day. Some are lucky and manage to find a place faster. If you are looking at the price on the menu or a clothes price tag, be aware that this is not the end price. You looking have to add a tax on top of it to get the correct pricing. We kept forgetting about it, even after months! The other day we also purchased a voucher — and guess what, we had to pay tax once we got to the attraction … surprise surprise. Yep, another realisation that will hit you after you moved to Vancouver.

If you plan to go for a drink moving work, forget about just walking in and ordering a beer at the bar Vancouver you might have done back home. Here, you will be asked to wait to be seated and escorted to a table.

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A bartender comes to take orders every time you or your friends are about to empty your glasses. It is great, and the service here is one of the best we came across! There are a few pubs where you can go and order at the bar like normal.

There is plenty of employment, but it can still be hard to find a job. It can be hard to juggle all bills and still have fun on the weekends. There are so many amazing things to do here in Vancouver, but unfortunately, they all come with a cost.

50+ things you must know before moving to vancouver

Keep in mind that the summer months will be crazy busy, but you will be either phased out or given fewer shifts as winter approaches. If you are looking for a rental, make sure to walk around the neighbourhoods and call to say that you are outside and would like to see the apartment. More information can be found on the Canadian government site here. In comparison to Europe, Canada has lower taxes. See how Canada compares in this article.

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For example, to set up an in Tangerine Bank, you must have either a Canadian ID BCID or another bank in the country to issue yourself with a cheque to prove your identity. When you get set uptransferring money via Currency Fair is your best way to save on exchange rates. So all in all, 1 and a half years no fees.

Ranging from food trucks, car rental companies such as EVO and Car2Go through to local online shops that do take away, you will need to use a credit card to pay. Our advice is to shop around before you make any quick decision. We have spent hours researching the best options and cheapest companies for money exchange rates.