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Mom already had her girdle and bra on and was pulling her stockings up her legs and connecting them to the girdles garters. Mom is a very beautiful woman. Dad is lucky to been fucking her all these years. Seeing my mom in just her underwear was causing my cock to inflate. I fantasized many times what it would be like to put my stiff penis inside her. To have those long legs wrapped around me pulling me completely inside.

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I went away with mum and dad to a conference. We stayed in a hotel, and because it was busy we had to stay in the same room. It was a room with only one bed, just happened to be a super king bed, plenty of room for everyone.

Now in past posts those following know I have already played with my parents and had sex with dad. Dad has seen me naked on many occasions. Its fine with me. Dressing together is fine to. In fact dad compliments me on my body and underwear choice.

This night we had come back after dinner and I was wearing a short sleeved black round neck dress short finishing mid thigh, black stockings and knee high high heel boots. Mum wore a short v neck short sleeved dress and blue high heels. We sat down on the sofa. Mum and I sat together our legs crossed. Dad asked if we wanted a drink.

Away with mum and dad

He wore a business suit. I was feeling really horny. Mum knew I was. Dad sat in the opposite chair after handing mum and me our drinks. He sat his eyes glancing a quick look over our legs and probably hopping for a quick glance up our skirts. Dad leant forward, I opened my legs slightly as he pulled it off.

I know he got a glance of my red G String under my stockings. I lifted my other leg letting him unzip my other boot. He pulled it off placing it next to the other one. Mum kicked her high heels off. I continued drinking my wine. I know dad probably now had a erection. We continued talking. It was 8 pm.

Watching mom and dad

I decided to take a shower. I went to the bathroom turning on the water. As it warmed up I took off my dress, unclipped my bra taking it off.

Dad walked in as I was taking my stockings off quickly glancing at my breasts. He said he had to pee. He stood at the toilet his back to me as I took off my underwear now naked, as dad relieved himself. We are a close family.

I’m a little princess of mom and dad

I have had sex with dad twice. Once his Japanese friend fucking me,telling dad to as well, not knowing I was his daughter, the other time at the sex club. He walked out to let me shower. Ten minutes passed, I got out drying my body. I wrapped a towel around myself. I walked out to the room. I got my brush and started brushing my hair as I watched mum suck d cock. I took my towel off, I sat naked. Dad looking over at me admiring my breasts. I stood walking over and sat next to dad.

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He reached over fondling my breasts. I looked down at mum working d cock. Since I left home I don. Dad slid his hand down to my pussy. I opened my legs. He rubbed my clit. I spun around and lay on the couch my legs open. One foot on the floor, my other leg up on the back of the couch. Dad leant in running his fingers down my shaved pussy.

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He opened my pussy lips feeling my pink flesh. Sliding his finger to my vagina opening rubbing it. His tongue met my clit.

He licked and circled my clit. His finger found its way into my pussy. He slowly fingered me as he licked my clit and pussy lips. I groaned.

The best oral Ive had is from my father. Mum looked up at dad working my pussy. She smiled at me. I knew tonight I was getting d cock for the third time. He fingered my vagina as he licked me. His other hand sliding up my body to my breasts fondling them.

I put my head back on the arm of the couch closing my eyes as dad pleasured me. Most girls would not want their father giving them oral let alone having sex with them. I was loving it. It felt good. I loved the fact d has seen the mature me naked, and feel he can play with me and have sex with me. It feels so so good.

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Especially with mun, not having to sneak around behind mums back. She is fully for it. Its nice been able to play with my parents. I thought of the first time dad had sex with me, his Japanese friend telling him to. Dad nervously entering me with a condom on.

Not penetrating my fully, he cum after a couple of minutes of nervous fucking. I found it so erotic. Mum stood she reached behind her back unzipping her dress dropping it to the floor. She unclipped her bra her breasts falling out.

She lowered her underwear. Now naked she sat next to me on the couch fondling my breasts as dad continued licking my pussy. His fingers still in me. This content appeared first on new sex story.