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There is a very thin line between jealousy and possessiveness. Where slight jealousy from their partner looks adorable to everyone, it is necessary to draw the line between being jealous and controlling.

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So, you have a boyfriend who is overly jealous, and you feel like he has been controlling you like a puppet? Has he been following you? Does he keep phoning you just to make sure you aren't with someone else?

Does he get angry when you chat with male friends? Does he need to know where you are at all times? If so, you may be struggling in a relationship with an overly jealous boyfriend. Even though a tiny amount of jealousy in a relationship is an indication that both of you love another, it may also choke your relationship to death if it's over-the-top.

There is only one way to get away from an overly jealous boyfriend, and that is to break up with him. If, however, you are unable or unwilling to do that, even though your boyfriend is overly jealous, because you aren't ready to end your relationship when everything else is fine between you, there are things in this article to help you deal with an overly jealous boyfriend. My boyfriend gets jealous rages, but he does not tell me about it.

He keeps it to himself and tells me everything is okay. But then he does not talk to me for days. I don't know if talking to him will make him more upset or help him. Any jealousy has feeling of property as its basis; however, that is a natural feeling that can even improve an interpersonal relationship if it is felt in moderation.

The way the person expresses his or her jealousy depends upon his or her psychological qualities. Your boyfriend keeps all of his feelings to himself, and, most likely, he is an introvert. Just like violent displays of jealousy, silence that lasts several days is not healthy and can deteriorate even the strongest relationship.

Silence causes discomfort on all sides.

The your partner has unhealthy jealousy

Psychologists claim that a jealous person is not only afraid of losing a beloved person but also possesses low self-esteem and a strong psychological dependence upon the relationship with the partner. Analyze his reasons for jealousy and what feeds his thoughts. Jealous people often surmise that they are loved less than others.

Maybe he doesn't receive enough attention and "proof" of those feelings to make him feel safe.

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Talk to him and explain that you love only him and that the strength of the feeling does not change when you talk to other men. Praise his qualities to increase his confidence. Try to analyze if you highlight advantages of others in his presence or flirt with others. If he feels himself as the only person in your heart, then his jealousy will fade away.

We only have been together for 6 months. We are never apart except for when we're at work. At work he calls me very minutes and if he hears a man's voice he screams and calls me names, I had to "unfriend" every guy from my social media as did he all his female friends. I cannot wear tight clothing or sweat pants.

I cannot go to the store alone, I cannot smoke, I cannot go to school because "I will cheat " but I've never cheated. As a matter of fact although we are always together I have seen him give attention to other females in front of me but God forbid it happens the other way around or someone looks at me. I need help or I'm at the point of leaving. I have tried: conversation, mainly. I think it was caused by: It happened as soon as we became a little serious.

He has mega security issues. Most likely he has been in unfaithful relationships in the past and now every woman is unfaithful. His controlling behavior sounds quite scary and you should leave. You sound miserable and who wants to live in a cage for the rest of their life?

No one should ever control you from getting an education. NO ONE. Possible cheating is not an excuse to deny you an education. If you looked up jealous s for spousal abuse, unfortunately several of the issues you listed are red boyfriends for future spousal abuse. He is not jealous but instead and.

He is jealous. AND controlling. And insecure, and don't kid yourself into thinking he's been cheated on - men who cheat aren't able to trust their partners.

Five s you have a controlling boyfriend and what to do about him

Get out. Don't be a statistic - just get out. Thank goodness it's only been six months.

But, just a word of caution, any violence in this man, and I assure you there is, will be at its absolute worst when you tell him you're leaving. My boyfriend is very too jealous and at times it feels that he is pushing me away. I have tried: Tried talking to him. I think it was caused by: His ex. The only way you can help his is with constant assurance that he is the one and only for you.

This can be an exhausting task but if you think that this relationship has a future, it will be boyfriend it. If you work on his insecurities this way, eventually he should be able to relax. Next time the subject comes up; let him know that this relationship can't grow if he is stuck in the past.

You are not his ex and he needs to realize that people can be trusted but he is virtually pushing you out of the relationship. Now I control for an appropriate text message to and him down and make him sure of my feelings that are not yet love.

Can you help? The question detail is in the question so read that to understand. We are only 13 and most of our convos happen over text so I can't soothe him with my voice. My sons football game is tonight and I would controlling to go but my ex will be there. I won't sit next to him but my new boyfriend won't go with me to game. I'm 43 years old why do I fel like I'm in high school. If you have problems with any of the steps in this article, please ask a question for more help, or post in the comments section below. : Relationships.

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Questions and Answers. Positive Things You Can Do. When he starts to get very, be sweet to him. Was this step helpful? Yes No I need help. Always show your love in many ways. Don't be a martyr and reprimand him if you have to.

If possible, and things that make him jealous. Tell him that you are not the same as his ex. How can I get my boyfriend to stop having jealous rages? Should I just leave him because of this boyfriend He has even been married before and divorced and he is only I think it was caused by: It happened as jealous as we became a little serious He has mega security issues. How to get over his insecurities?

I think it was caused by: His ex The only way you can help his is with constant assurance that he is the one and only for you. Send him text messages throughout the day about how much you love him. Share this Article:.