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Here is a short list of a few of the more interesting club themes and services available to the paying public. Stewardesses from a flight themed club whisper to one another. Themed clubs or Image Clubs are establishments offering a variety of sexual services in a specifically themed setting. For example, chikan denshaor pervert trains are places where the john enters a look-alike subway car, gropes a of girls for about ten minutes or so and then chooses one with whom to proceed to a private room.

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For a fee, men can live out their fantasies in elaborate sets including no-panty coffee shops with mirrored floors!

The x-rated happenings in japan’s “happening bars”

She heard rumors of women dressing up like nurses, policewomen, and commuting secretaries to provide men with fantasy services acted out in elaborately decorated playrooms. Sinclair returned to the United States where she became a successful lawyer in San Francisco.

So, in Sinclair returned to Japan with Sex singular goal: entering the clubs and documenting the elaborate fantasies played out within their walls. Often japan during business hours in dark, cramped rooms, ducking between customers, Sinclair created a body of work that reveals the sex employees in their working environments. After a club, Sinclair returned home as the only American expert on fuzoku culture. Ten years ago when I was an English teacher in Tokyo, I overheard a conversation about these clubs and had a friend take me on a tour of Kabukicho-the biggest red-light district in Japan.

I was blown away. There were train clubs with all-you-can-grope commuting women. I returned to California and started a career as a corporate lawyer, but I never forgot about those clubs.

People often ask if I had to pay money, but the bottom line is that there is no amount of money that could have bought me access. These places make millions of dollars a year.

Inside japan’s fantasy sex clubs

I was really surprised by that. The women came first, really.

I knew I had only one year to shoot, as my husband was Sex waiting for me in California. So I learned the industry slang, and went about it in four different directions at once. I got to know the managers, the customers, the women—and their advertisers. They also all have websites. Of club. They literally had information centers for men and women, providing pamphlets, discount coupons and guides directing you to the best japans. So, yes, every club has a website. Businessmen often go after work or bring their corporate clients as a form of settaicustomer appreciation. Some clubs are even franchised- chains of brand name corporate brothels throughout Japan.

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I often went with either a regular customer or one of the girls. I wore a suit, and I would always bring gifts from the U. They scare the Japanese customers. They complain too much. They may have AIDs. I ended up shooting 90 different clubs, in Osaka, Kobe, Tokyo, Nishi-Kawaguchi, Fukuoka and Sapporo, and the finished book contains photos from about 80 of those clubs. I knew by the sheer s of places, of women working, and the japan of my contacts who personally knew someone involved that I would be able to eventually finish the book.

A year old history of the industry, a lack of a Judeo-Christian religious philosophy, a need for release in an tightly wound society, an emphasis on customer appreciation, a set of laws so complex that the industry is virtually legal…. In Japan, company uniforms and school uniforms are still widely used. These clubs allow people to break the social rules, using everyday clubs. The schoolgirl, the commuting secretary- the women you see every day- are forbidden fruit. And in some clubs I would have been able to get in as a customer.

And if I were a Japanese man, it would have been much easier. As a woman, a foreigner and a photographer, I am three of the things the doormen do not allow in the clubs. Three of three. It was a really tough barrier. At least Sex I were a man, I could engage Sex in conversation.

The only way being a woman helped me was that because I was a woman, the glossy magazines, the advertisers, that fourth category, were interested in covering me for content purposes. One of the key characters who helped me was the editor of Tokyo Soapland magazine, and he knew that I japan shots of the most visually interesting clubs.

So he took me to an old fashioned-themed soapland, a wedding soapland, a policewoman soapland, a harem-themed soapland, and a Korean woman themed soapland. Gray zone. But, as long as the girls are stopping short of having actual intercourse for money, the clubs are allowed to operate.

So, most of the clubs offer absolutely everything imaginable but sex. The prices and house rules are all written out in detail. Nothing is left to chance.

The services were listed on menus. The only exceptions are the soaplands, where intercourse is definitely part of the deal. The women splash around in it with the customer, who is satisfied at the end of the bath. She then sits down on Japanese rice paper and leaves an imprint of her body for the customer to keep.

The customer chooses what kind of pantyhose—beige, black or sparkly—he wants the woman to wear. He can also select fishnet tights and panties. The book is about Japanese sex clubs that cater to Japanese men, and the women working in the ones I shot are overwhelmingly Japanese. Generally, they are women who have chosen to do it—middle-class, educated women—not women trying to feed their families or get drugs.

But there are neighborhoods in Japan where Thai, Filipina, Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese sex workers are brought over by the Japanese mafia to work as prostitutes.

Prostitutes, soaplands, sex clubs and the sex industry in japan

I chose for editorial reasons to keep that aspect out and limit the scope of the book. I found very balanced women making a personal choice. It turned out to be a full-time commitment for most of the women.

Their salaries depend on repeat customers, the regulars who request them, so they had to club themselves available at the clubs several hours per week. They get a base salary, plus cuts of the extra options, usually 50 percent, and a bit of extra money for being chosen.

And that encourages repeat customers, regulars who get hooked on one girl. A lot of the women still lived at home, which is common in Japan for inpiduals even into Sex 30s and 40s. They would tell their parents that they were makeup artists or waitresses. Well, the clubs compete with each other for the women so fiercely that the women themselves are the prized commodity. The japans really want to keep them so they take good care of them.

Guide to stay safe in tokyo’s red light district- shinjuku kabukicho

A lot of the women try it for a month or two, then quit, get married, and never tell their husbands. In Japan, you need to use the more difficult formal form of honorable language to address customers, so any drug or alcohol abuse would be obvious and quickly discouraged. Their social demands are so much more complex than ours. The first thing I had to do was put aside my preconceptions and some of my feelings.

The schoolgirl fantasy is ubiquitous in Japan. A lot of Asian women look younger than they are—especially compared to Western women.

Adventures in the kabukicho red light district of tokyo

I was surprised and saddened by that. Some of the video footage is taken by men posing as parents. I had more of a problem with that than the fantasies. No, there are clubs for women where men provide female customers with services.

And their customers are predominantly older women.

Brothels and strip clubs in tokyo, japan.

The real question is: Who has the power? Is it the customer paying for a fantasy, or the women and men getting paid quite well to tease, flirt, flatter and sometimes satisfy? I decided to include some of the racier images. I wanted the book to be both honest and complete- which means some of the photos are difficult to look at. One time, I went to a strip club.

Inside japan’s freaky themed bath houses and bars (nsfw)

I brought a camera with a shutter release, with the lens poking out of my purse and the remote in my right hand, trying to be discreet. It was dark, with bursts of flashing strobe lights. I thought I could take photos remotely and no one would pay attention.

After about an hour of taking the most phenomenal pictures, two staff members grabbed my arm and pulled me to the back room. It was very scary.