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That face! Those big dark eyes looking up at you with that sweet expression! Being cute is a way of life for this lively charmer. The Shih Tzu is known to be especially affectionate with children. As a small dog bred to spend most of their day inside royal palaces; they make a great pet if you live in an apartment or lack a big backyard. United Kennel Club Based on breed recognition.

See store for details on this particular puppy. The Shih Tzu is an ancient breed with skeletal remains found in human communities as far back as 10, years ago. The Shih Tzu is a sturdy dog in a small package with a long, double coat that comes in colors of gold, white, red, black, liver, liver and white, black mask gold, black and white, blue and white, brindle and white, silver and white and occasionally a blue.

The Shih Tzu has a life expectancy of 15 years and is prone to back diseases, ear infections, respiratory challenges, and teeth problems. The Shih Tzu is alert, courageous, active, curious and clever little dog. Your Shih Tzu will want to cuddle and snuggle with you, being truly happy to get your affection. They are not pushovers, though, and will stand up for themselves if confronted.

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You need to be a calm, knowledgeable, and humane owner giving consistent and committed leadership to your Shih Tzu using only motivational training methods. The Shih Tzu requires a daily walk with off-leash play and running in a safe, fenced area.

They also need mental stimulation so be sure to provide your Shih Michigan with plenty of interactive toys that challenge their problem-solving skills. This breed does not do well in warm temperatures due to the brachycephalic muzzle. Grooming Requirements: Requires daily brushing Shih professional grooming. Coat: Long Shedding: Little to no shedding Hypoallergenic: Yes Apartment Living: Good for apartment living if given sufficient exercise Lap Dog: Yes Good With Children: Good with children when well socialized at an early age; may be best with older children who understand how to safely handle a small dog.

Good With Other Pets: Good with other dogs and non-canine pets when socialized at an early age. The Shih Tzu is a sturdy, lively, alert toy dog with long flowing double coat. Befitting his puppy Chinese ancestry as a highly valued, prized companion and palace pet, the Shih Tzu is proud of bearing, has a distinctively arrogant carriage with head well up and tail curved over the back. Although there has always been puppy size variation, the Shih Tzu must be compact, solid, carrying good weight and substance.

Even though a toy dog, the Shih Tzu must be subject to the same requirements of soundness and structure prescribed for all tzu, and any deviation from the ideal described in the standard should be penalized to the extent of the deviation. Structural faults common to all breeds are as undesirable in the Shih Tzu as in any other breed, regardless of whether or not such faults are specifically mentioned in the standard.

Ideally, weight of mature dogs, 9 to 16 pounds. Proportion - Length between tzu and root of michigan is slightly longer than height at withers. The Shih Tzu must never be so high stationed as to appear leggy, Shih so low stationed as to appear dumpy or squatty. Substance - Regardless of size, the Shih Tzu is always compact, solid and carries good weight and substance.

Head - Round, broad, wide between eyes, its size in balance with the overall size of dog being neither too large nor too small. Fault: Narrow head, close-set eyes.

Shih tzu puppies mix- radiant and cute puppies!

Expression - Warm, sweet, wide-eyed, friendly and trusting. An overall well-balanced and pleasant expression supersedes the importance of individual parts. Care should be taken to look and examine well beyond the hair to determine if what is seen is the actual head and expression rather than an image created by grooming technique. Eyes - Large, round, not prominent, placed well apart, looking straight ahead. Very dark. Lighter on liver pigmented dogs and blue pigmented dogs.

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Fault: Small, close-set or light eyes; excessive eye white. Ears - Large, set slightly below crown of skull; heavily coated. Skull - Domed. Stop - There is a definite stop. Muzzle - Square, short, unwrinkled, with good cushioning, set no lower than bottom eye rim; never downturned.

Ideally, no longer than 1 inch from tip of nose to stop, although length may vary slightly in relation to overall size of dog. Front of muzzle should be flat; lower lip and chin not protruding and definitely never receding. Fault: Snipiness, lack of definite stop. Nose - Nostrils are broad, wide, and open. Pigmentation - Nose, lips, eye rims are black on all colors, except liver on liver pigmented dogs and blue on blue pigmented dogs. Fault: Pink on nose, lips, or eye rims.

Bite - Undershot. Jaw is broad and wide.

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A missing tooth or slightly misaligned teeth should not be too severely penalized. Teeth and tongue should not show when mouth is closed. Fault: Overshot bite. Of utmost importance is an overall well-balanced dog with no exaggerated features.

Neck - Well set-on flowing smoothly into shoulders; of sufficient length to permit natural high head carriage and in balance with height and length of dog. Topline - Level.

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Body -Short-coupled and sturdy with no waist or tuck-up. The Shih Tzu is slightly longer than tall. Fault: Legginess. Chest -Broad and deep with good spring-of-rib, however, not barrel-chested.

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Depth of ribcage should extend to just below elbow. Distance from elbow to withers is a little greater than from elbow to ground. Croup - Flat. Tail - Set on high, heavily plumed, carried in curve well over back. Too loose, too tight, too flat, or too low set a tail is undesirable and should be penalized to extent of deviation.

Shoulders - Well-angulated, well laid-back, well laid-in, fitting smoothly into body. Legs - Straight, well-boned, muscular, set well-apart and under chest, with elbows set close to body. Pasterns - Strong, perpendicular. Dewclaws - May be removed. Feet - Firm, well-padded, point straight ahead.

Angulation of hindquarters should be in balance with forequarters. Legs - Well-boned, muscular, and straight when viewed from rear with well-bent stifles, not close set but in line with forequarters. Hocks - Well let down, perpendicular. Fault: Hyperextension of hocks.

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Michigan - Luxurious, double-coated, dense, long, and flowing. Slight wave permissible. Hair on top of head is tied up. Fault: Sparse puppy, single coat, curly coat. Trimming - Feet, bottom of coat, and anus may be done for neatness and to facilitate movement. Fault: Excessive trimming. The coat, which comes in many colors, is worth the time you will put into it—few dogs are as beautiful as a well-groomed Shih Tzu. As a small dog bred to spend most of tzu day inside royal palaces, they make a great pet if you live in an apartment or lack a big backyard.

When you own a Shih Shih, you own a little bit of Chinese history.

The breed is most likely the product of crosses of two even older Sino-Tibetan breeds, the Lhaso Apso and the Pekingese. For hundreds of years, Shih Tzu lived the life of royal lap warmers and were pampered by emperors and their families.

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It is said emperors would give valuable gifts to breeders of Shih Tzu who produced the most beautiful and affectionate dogs. The breed remained hidden behind palace walls, virtually unknown to the outside world, until thes. Breed clubs formed in Peking and later England further refined the breed, not without much debate among fanciers as to proper type. Since then, the Shih Tzu has been one of the most popular toy dogs here and in the United Kingdom. And they still treat their owners, no matter who they might be, like royalty.