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5 best shih tzu breeders in north carolina! ()

Known for their elegant coats and friendly personalities, the Shih Tzu can make a great family dog for all ages. The American Kennel Club places them in the Toy Group and is ranked as the 20th most popular breed among purebreds.

So how do you choose? Working carolina a breeder to get your Shih Tzu puppy can have several added benefits like knowing their medical histories, getting started on basic training, and a lifetime supply of support and resources. As you search for the north Shih Tzu breeder in North Carolina, be sure to ask questions about their breeding practices and puppy reviews from past puppy parents.

Finding a breeder you can trust can provide the confidence you need in welcoming a new puppy into your home. Shitzu help you get started in the process, here we share some of the top breeders for Shih Tzu puppies in the North Carolina region. As a small home breeder, the team at Daisy Patch prioritizes the health and well-being of their puppies.

They are raised in a home in Asheville, North Carolina, north other dogs as well as children. Their Shih Tzu puppies are bred with a particular emphasis on both health and temperament. Otherwise, you can follow a reservation process. Puppies are placed in order of a waiting list. When their Shih Tzu puppies are ready to be brought to their forever homes, they come fully equipped with a puppy care kit. This tote includes a carolina about Shih Tzus, a puppy with a familiar scent, toys they love, a sample of puppy food, and a health record indicating their history and status.

Their Shih Tzu puppies in North Carolina Shitzu be picked up when they are at least 10 weeks old.

In addition to an application, you can also submit a deposit to reserve a puppy until it is north to you. They are passionate about Shitzu puppies that are both pampered and healthy. They also have puppies that have rare and rich colors you may not find elsewhere. Their Shih Tzu puppies engage in thorough socialization prior to ing their new homes. Online you can see their puppy and upcoming carolinas and can be notified when puppies are ready to be selected or picked up. Browse their large selection of photos of past puppies that will make you fall in love with Shih Tzus even more.

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Discover a community of Shih Tzu lovers with the team at Frilly Fido. Here they have Shih Tzu puppies available for purchase.

On their Facebookyou can browse albums of photos of past puppies and parent dogs so you know what you can expect in your own Shih Tzu puppy. You can learn more about their purchasing process and the availability of current and upcoming litters by connecting with them via phone,or by booking an appointment on their Facebook .

They prioritize the health, temperament, and appearance of the Shih Tzus and love sharing them with others. All their Shih Tzu puppies for sale in North Carolina are raised within a home environment and are up to date on their vaccines and deworming when they your family.

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This deposit holds your reservation for an upcoming Shih Tzu litter. The team at RoxCpups has developed a specialization for this particular dog breed. Sincethey have been breeding puppies and sharing the joy and love of them with others.

The parent dogs are all AKC registered and come from a lineage of quality and health. All their Shih Tzu puppies are well socialized in a home environment with other dogs and people. When puppies are ready to go home, they are all up to date on their vaccinations and deworming.

They also come with a full written health guarantee. Online you can see any current and upcoming Shih Tzu litters and puppies. If none are available, you can be placed on a waiting list for an upcoming group or wait for a new littler to be scheduled.

To determine their availability, connect with them via phone or to determine your next steps. They are located in Sanford, North Carolina. Their appearance is perhaps one of the most recognizable features of the Shih Tzu. They have large dark eyes that are nestled in a furry face with long hair. Their coats can come in a variety of colors, shades, and markings. One thing to keep in mind with their coat is their heightened need for grooming.

These wild manes should be brushed every day and bathed every three to four weeks. Shih Tzus can pack a lot of cuteness into a small size.

Puppies for sale

They tend to grow to be only between Their size makes them easy to carry and fun to snuggle. Their north size also allows them a larger life span with an average expectancy between 10 and 18 years. While they need regular exercise, they can also expend their energy by playing indoors, like fetch or other games. Their short legs also help them to get in their exercise with not too much extra effort. They are also fairly easy to train and thrive on positive reinforcement. Patience may be required, but a Shitzu a happy puppy will be worth the carolina.

Especially for families with small children, the Shih Tzu can be an ideal family pet. They are very friendly and cuddly to hold. They puppy to snuggle and spend time with their family.

Their easy-going personality and small bodies can be great matches for both small apartment dwellings and larger homes. With their sweet temperaments and small size, the Shih Tzu can be a great fit for many people. From their deep, dark eyes to soft, elegant coats and their sweet temperaments, the Shih Tzu can make a great family member for a variety of lifestyles. Ensure they have quality and ethical breeding standards and are willing to provide support and resources as needed.

With a breeder you can trust, you can move forward with confidence as you bring a Shih Tzu into your family. Check out these other articles:. This site does not constitute pet medical advice, please consult a d veterinarian in your area for pet medical advice. Conclusion for Shih Tzu Breeders in North Carolina From their deep, dark eyes to soft, elegant coats and their sweet temperaments, the Shih Tzu can make a great family member for a variety of lifestyles.

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