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Up until now, you've felt like everything was going great in your relationship. You've been having fun with your partner, successfully dealing with problems, and living that couple life. But now things seem a bit off, and you can't shake the feeling that your partner is unhappy.

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7 s he’s secretly unhappy

Relationships can be amazing experiences if we are with the right people, otherwise they can just have us feeling stuck. After a while, our true feelings will show in our actions. So why do people do this to themselves? We have the s that will tell us whether a guy is happy or not. Imagine how he feels. He will seem happy one minute, only to lash out the next.

15 subtle s a man is stuck in an unhappy marriage

Sometimes the only way to make yourself a little bit happy is to pretend that you are. That can come out in a social media post about how amazing your relationship is. Amica Graber, a relationship expert with TruthFinder tells Bustle .

So, if you're going through tough times in your relationship, stop looking or outside validation. It's not going to make you feel better. Your man is not happy. If a man is disappointed in where the relationship has gone, he may even be putting all the blame on himself. If he starts talking in such ways, you could try to make him understand that you are a team.

If you can both work together, maybe the relationship can be saved.

You have to see the reason behind why you want so much space. Ask yourself if it's because you're not happy with your partner. A man who is no longer sorry about the things that he does is a man who is no longer interested in his relationship. Obviously, if he cares about the relationship he would apologize when a mistake has been made.

6 s your partner is unhappy in your relationship & isn’t telling you

She just goes along with everything you say. That can be disconcerting because you know something is wrong with the behaviour. A woman who has checked out of a relationship will stop expressing her needs. We all love compliments from our favourite person in the world. We want our partners to find us awesome and hilarious.

Subtle s your partner is unhappy in your relationship

He can nit-pick in a couple of different ways: he can tell you that he is super annoyed by the things that you do, even if those things never bothered him before, or he may start to pick out your flaws and start to put you down. It's toxic!

When you talk with your spouse, you like it when they are paying attention to what you are saying. When a girl is unhappy in a relationship, she will start to zone out on her boyfriend. She is on her way to leaving the relationship so she is less interested in what he has to say. Then when the day arrives you realize that your boyfriend forgot all about it.

Remembering dates shows that you care. A girl who is not happy in a relationship will start to live vicariously through her single friends. She will start to become more interested in their dating stories and will long to be single herself. You may not voice it, and your friends may not even be aware that you feel that way but you may start to feel jealous when you hear your friends talking.

It will seem like he has less and less time to see you. He will want to spend time with his friends more until he can figure out what to do with the relationship. When a woman is unhappy in her relationship, she will start to compare what she has to what others have.

As Jenna Birch tells Bustle. He might be checking out his other dating options because he's just not feeling the relationship anymore. You might want to ask yourself why you have the urge to jump from one milestone to the next so quickly.

1. he often jokes about leaving his wife.

Don't overcompensate for what's really lacking in your relationship. It's better to face those problems ASAP. Maybe Saturday was always the night that you guys made sure to go together. Try suggesting a night out yourself and see what happens. If he's always saying "no" to your suggestions, it's clear that he's not keen on having good times with you or enriching your relationship with quality time. If not, it's a problem.

2. he avoids you

When you first get together you want to look good for each other. You go to the gym and take care of your appearance. Try to throw him a compliment when he does dress up for a night on the town. If nothing seems to work, he's let himself go.

When that happens, he's probably let the relationship go, too. When a woman is ready to leave a relationship, she no longer wants to talk about the future.

It's worth looking into because healthy, happy couples like to talk about the future, whether that involves the next month or five years into the future. If you're only thinking of right now, or you're planning your future without thinking of your partner being in it, then maybe your relationship has no future.

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