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Once upon a time, internet style was a vaguely embarrassing dating. Who profile to be one of those lonely hearts trolling the singles bars of cyberspace? These days, however, online New York Times Vows section —famous for its meet-cute stories of the blissfully betrothed—is full of couples who trumpet the love they found through Ok Cupid or Tinder. Today an estimated one-third of marrying couples in the U. Locking eyes across a crowded room might make for a lovely song lyric, but when it comes to romantic potential, nothing rivals technology, according to Helen Fisher, PhDa biological anthropologist, senior research fellow at the Kinsey Instituteand chief scientific adviser to Match.

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Modern dating made easy with an expert personal stylist and dating coach.

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Would you describe online dating as: daunting, tedious, maddening, annoying or disappointing? If you answered yes to any or all of these, then you could probably use some profile. I started Style My Profile to dating other online daters feel better about getting out there— and staying out there— in the world of online dating.

With my 20 years of styling expertise, online art director eye, a soon-to-be-published book about online dating, and my own personal dating experience, I am able to style online daters successfully through the foreign world of dating apps. Thanks for all your expert feedback and the boost of confidence that resulted from talking this all through with you!

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After leaving my marriage at age 41, after being with my ex for nearly 18 years, I had no idea what I was in for. One of the things I told myself was: dating is going to be awesome! Well, that happened once.

A few months into being single, I realized I had to face the facts: I needed to online date to meet people. With my experience in the fashion and photography world, I was able to crack the code. And now I get to share what I learned with you. Most people feel lost when it comes to online dating.

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What I realized through my own experience and in working with all my clients is that we all feel the same way. I can help you wade through to get to the part where dating can actually be fun! She is patient, intentional and has a great eye. I use her styling tips every day I get dressed and remember her professional advice when shopping!

A step-by-step online course with instructional videos, a Dating Diary and more.

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A 6-week live group workshop with Alyssa. This is for online daters who need to revitalize their profiles and boost their motivation! Using a holistic approach to online dating, this experience includes: discussing dating goals, shopping and styling, editing and taking photos, bio writing, and date coaching.

Alyssa helped me set up all my profiles advising me on which photos to use and what to say in my bio. And she shared so much of her own experiences which was so helpful in navigating this new landscape. I am so happy I connected with her.

I believe that online dating, just like everything else in life, needs to be approached in a mindful, intentional way. I also believe in the age old adage that when you feel good, you look good and when you look good, you feel good. We can work from whatever point you are in your personal style journey.

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I wholeheartedly feel that when we go all in on our dating vision and experience, we expand into greater possibilities and a deeper understanding of ourselves in the process. Book a call with me!

She effortlessly works within your price range and personal needs. Which App Should I Use? Take the Quiz.

Want to Write the Perfect Bio? Download PDF. New look. Same you. Connect with me! The Styled Single One-on-One VIP Style and Date Coaching with Alyssa Using a holistic approach to online dating, this experience includes: discussing dating goals, shopping and styling, editing and taking photos, bio writing, and date coaching.

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