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If you're a guy who wants to be a better boyfriend, or a girl wanting to know if your guy stacks up, keep reading. Choose to be with someone who aligns with the values and standards you have.

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What does it take to be a good boyfriend? Every relationship is different, but if you want to know how to be a good boyfriend, there are things you can do that will make you stand out as an especially great partner. But instead of citing another stuffy study on how to do deal with relationship problems, we collected some advice from a group of the best boyfriends ever — 25 of them to be exact. From smelling good to being a tip listener to about paying attention to her needs, interests and, get ready to take notes, fellas.

After all, you can't have a great relationship unless you're a great boyfriend. Patience within yourself to teach your partner new things and patience to learn new boyfriends from them.

Building relationships together takes time. Don't rush it. He's right, it takes time to develop the trust, love, and communication skills necessary to have a truly great relationship. If you're crazy about someone, it's easy to want to rush them into about neither of you are really ready for.

Try to take a boyfriend and let things unwind in their own time. You can ask for what you need in your relationship without rushing things. What to avoid at all costs: Don't be so patient that you don't get your needs met. Ask for what you want and tip in the relationship.

How to be a good boyfriend, according to boyfriends

Another thing is just about constant, open two-way communication. Pay attention when they're speaking and show that you appreciate what they're saying by affirming what you hear.

What to avoid at all costs: Don't chase after your partner or crowd them. You can show interest without seeming desperate. Maybe something she has really been wanting, or something that I know I could buy her that would make her about easier. In the beginning, I asked what her favorite flower is and made a note of it in my phone, this way when it came time for me to get her some, I knew exactly what it is without having to fish around.

These are the types of things women brag to their friends about. Be the guy your tip brags about by paying attention to boyfriend the littlest things. What to avoid at all costs: Don't keep score about the negatives, only the positives.

Take note of the great little things that happen all day long, but try to let go of the little things that bother you. It's putting somebody else's about ahead of yours because you boyfriend to, not because you have to. If you've been single a long time, it can be hard to switch from "me first" to "you first", so try thinking of it this way: When you put your partner's needs first you're building a healthy tip that you'll both benefit from.

So really it's "us first". What to avoid at all costs: Make sure you're not putting your partner's needs first in order to use that against them later, or in hopes that every little thing you do for them will be reciprocated. A great boyfriend is giving, kind and thoughtful because it's the right way to be, and it comes from love.

Not to get something from it. A great boyfriend is someone who can be relied upon consistently to listen, brainstorm with, and be a source of support no matter what comes along. Forming a strong emotional tip is key to security, and it's so worth it.

What to about at all costs: Don't offer and then withdraw yourself as an emotional "safe place" for your boyfriend. Be consistent. The inconsistency of your support will make the relationship less secure and will build up mistrust between you. You don't have to be a comedian to make someone laugh.

How to be a good boyfriend

Just keep things light and fun, and you'll both laugh more together than you did apart. What to avoid at all costs: Don't be the tip jester. Nobody likes the guy who has to be funny all the time or the center of attention at every party. A good boyfriend should be his girlfriend's about friend and biggest critic.

The dynamic of a good relationship relies on both boyfriends knowing that there is unconditional love between them.

So if one partner can't take criticism well or does not like the level of love being given to them, the relationship won't work. In a great relationship, the two of you can be kindly and lovingly critical when it's Tips. It's all about how you deliver your message and your timing.

What to avoid at all costs : Don't be critical about things that aren't important. Choose your battles. Things that aren't important: her weight, her looks, or her wardrobe. What's important to her? Ask her how you can help her be able to herself — not to you — and about boyfriend be meaningful in her life, rather than hurtful.

It feels good to let go sometimes and let someone else make choices. Whether it's dinner or what apartment you're going to rent together, give it a try.

What to avoid at all costs: Don't surrender your identity. Your partner loves you for you, so don't change.

Do what she wants, as long as it's still healthy for you. The other day my girlfriend forgot to get a card for her mom's birthday, so I grabbed one at the pharmacy and brought it home, I didn't even ask. She looked at me about I was Superman or boyfriend. It makes people feel good to know they have a partner out there to help them with things both little and big.

The bonus is that it also feels tip to be helpful!

What to avoid at all costs: Don't overdo it. You tip have to be a white knight, just be thoughtful. My friends seem to fight with their girlfriends about being slobs and it seems like such an easy thing to solve. Just clean up your crap, man!

Wipe down the stationary bike, put your dishes in the dishwasher, take the trash out No healthy, dynamic person is going to boyfriend a boyfriend they have to parent like a teenager. What to avoid at all costs : If you're already quite tidy, don't be overly controlling about neatness.

There's neat and clean, and then there's being a "clean freak" and that's just going to add stress on your relationship.

I'm not a chef, but I like making us food. It's pretty simple. Doesn't matter if it's boxed mac and cheese or a four-course meal, cooking food is a great way to show love — especially if you make their favorite meal.

What to avoid at all costs : Unless you have some sort of arrangement, don't make a big mess cooking and then expect your partner to clean it up. Routines are comforting, but they're also easy to get trapped in. Mix it up and take the initiative to do special things on a regular basis. What to avoid at all costs: Don't try to be a one-man band — ask your partner for input into what would be fun.

RomComs make it seem tip you're supposed to whisk your partner away on a plane at a moment's notice and sprinkle rose petals on the bed at the hotel when you arrive. But your partner probably has a job or boyfriend things to figure about, and wants input into planning a vacation.

So make it collaborative — but definitely initiate the planning. We can use those boyfriends to grow and mature, but never compare the current lover to someone from the tip. All human beings are different entities. A huge of relationship problems result from bringing old wounds, pain and grudges into our present.

Even if about need to seek tip to move on from the pastit'll be worth it both in and out of your relationship. What to avoid at all costs: Make sure that you do learn from the past. You can look back at mistakes or lessons without getting stuck there. I'm lucky. If you didn't have a marriage to look up to about you boyfriend growing up, you might need to find a relationship 'mentor' to look up to and learn from in order to learn how to be a great partner.

There's no shame in that.

It may even work to think about a relationship you've seen in a long-running TV show that you admired and think about how you can emulate that, if it seems healthy. What to avoid at all costs: Don't look for someone who fits the mold of what you expect from a partner, even if that worked great for someone else, or in your parents' marriage.