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It is a very light, nimble, and very strong frame. I purchased this to be my service in visiting the Fence Company nearby.

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I have put a 62 cc four stroke on a rat trap and it works great I am hauling pounds of trailer generator and batteries I have W on the front and W on the trailer with the four stroke traction engine and a generator to charge 48 V batteries I have infinite range as long as I have gas same old story. I hadn't rode in in the last years I can't think of many. Although a little on the heavy side, it is still lighter than a discount store bike.

Some people don't like the Shimano Altus gears, but I'm fine with them. I like the rapid fire shifters. They require very little maintenance. I would have had to adjust the gears a dozen times had it been a discount store bicycle. I purchased this bike around when I was going to college full time.

I love the paint job which is part of what attracted me to it. It is gray, purple and florescent orange. This was for first bike shop quality bike. I have kept a mileage journal and update it periodically to sale track of my mileage. This has been a great joy in my life. I have taken good care of 850 and kept it clean, degreased and lubed periodically. This bike keeps on trek. The only thing you have to worry about is replacing components as they wear out such as the cassette.

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I did put a new set of rapid fire shifters on and a new set of wheels. Other than that my bike is still stock. I have the original seat, crankset and handlebars. The bike has a 7 speed cassette and a triple crank on the front. I once hit 42 m. The Chromalloy frame absorbs road shock very well; much better than an aluminum frame.

The bike is very robust.

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After 24 years of 850 this machine, it rides nearly as good as when it was new. It has a sealed bottom bracket which I have never once had to replace. I definitely got what I paid sale. I am quite sure I will get another 10 years out of this bike, maybe more. I got my Mtn Track back in and I love that bike. I used to ride it for every day on the Thun rail-trail before it was a trail. I rode slamming over old ties and then up into a nearby state park loaded with rocky trails steep hills and awesome single track.

This bike is indestructible! Then I got married and the bike sat around—got saddled trek a kid seat and later a trailer bike.

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My youngest has started riding a two-wheel bike and my older boy traded with a friend to get a mtn bike. I took the trailer bike off and went riding single-track trails through the woods with my older boy. I Love this bike! I say consider going old-school rigid where the focus was more on the riding and not on the bike.

Old school riding is about reading the trail, choosing the right for and focus. How far can you go without dabbing your foot down on a technical stretch of trail? Unbolting all the kid stuff from my and taking it back into the woods again brings sale what a joy this bike is to ride. This bike is really quick and is a great climber. Bulletproof, tough as nails Did I mention this bike is indestructible??

Priced right My first and only mountain bike, have kicked the crap outta it the entire time LOL Fifteen yrs ago I put new tires on it, new much better brake p, bar ends and thats it! 850 fix is to spray the insides with an entire can of wd40 and let sit overnite, next day worked trek like new!

Ive ridden it on wicked downhills, up the steepest hills Just any over all good old MTB. If you don't like it, just sell it to someone who will make use of a nice cheap Price bike.

I got my Mountain Track 850 from a pawn shop in Louisville Ky, and I've been in love with it every since. Now I'm setting it up for the road to commute back and forward to work. Just a nice old MTB to restore or upgrade. I have an older trek mt track xc and i love it dont need another bike this trek is as good as a new bike ride's great. I purchased mine from Debo in Arlington,TX in ' The frame, gears and for are original.

I replaced the rear trek with a tandem wheel to hold up my butt and the handlebars and shifters to ride more comfortably. I only ride on ro now, so I have street slicks instead of knobbies. It is my favorite bike. Get the latest mountain bike reviews, news, saleand much more by ing up for the MTBR Newsletter. Register. Own this? Hover and click on a star.

Next Strength: It is a very light, nimble, and very strong frame. Weakness: None so far. Purchased: New. James Barber.

Cross Country Rider. Strength: Very strong frame. Weakness: None. Weekend Warrior. Strength: Iron-clad dependability. Weakness: Shamano shifter slips a bit in a couple of the 21 speeds. David Adams. Strength: This bike seems to be bulletproof. The Chromalloy frame is solid. Weakness: I can't think of many. S Wells. Strength: Light, nimble, and very strong frame.

Weakness: none. All Mountain Rider.

Strength: Bulletproof, tough as nails Weakness: Original tires sucked Strength: Strong Bike Heavy Frame for ruff trails. Weakness: None!

Roberto Torres. Strength: I have an older trek mt track xc and i love it dont need another bike this trek is as good as a new bike ride's great.

Weakness: Dont seem to have any. Strength: Bulletproof frame. Weakness: Weak stock compunents.