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Years: 29
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By Tamara Abraham for MailOnline. In a raw and honestVanity Wonder, 30, a mother-of-two from America's Midwest, has revealed how she became addicted to silicone shots to increase the size of her behind. Shot Girls sees her detail her own experiences of seeking out and having the injections, and how she became an assistant to a black market practitioner, who treated women as varied as a year-old brought in by her proud mother and even a senior in her seventies with bifocals and false teeth.

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Vanity Wondera former dancer and author of the popular book Shot Girls, recently opened up about her addiction to butt injections and how an infection made her ill. Deets inside Vanity Wonder, a woman who claims she was addicted to butt injections, appeared on the UK morning show, This Morning today.

She revealed to the hosts that her competition with other female dancers led her down the road to addiction and has completely altered her body. Vanity became an internet sensation when she posted pics of her developing booty and all the hardships she faced. She revealed.

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I thought I might as well try it. So many of us were doing it because we booty to better than the other person. But the injections, which many of your fave celebrity chicks secretly partake in as well, didn't just leave her with a large ASSet. So I had a choice, I could have a medium-sized lumpy butt or keep padding it with silicone to make it better. So it wasn't my goal to get this big but padding it with silicone is how this big.

Vanity says she's speaking out because she doesn't want other women to get caught in the vanity. She claims it's ok to get butt implantsbut ladies should stay away from butt injections. She added. I did so much dumb stuff with my body I'm wonder that I'm still living. When I look in the mirror, I think I would like a smaller butt, it's hard to go shopping, but I'm just happy I'm still here.

Search this site:. She revealed, 'When I heard about butt injections I thought it sounded stupid but after a year in that environment as a dancer, everyone was doing it, it wasn't such a foreign concept. She added, 'Truthfully I would like smaller butt but I'm happy I didn't die and still here for my children.

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She is a victim of doing what it takes to make money. The men want it and most girls do it for all sorts of reasons like daddy issues.

If your dad never gave you the attention you needed growing up to be whole, you just might do what ever it takes to make a boy like you. The other thing is, and it is really fightening. That when Africans were kidnapped and brougth to America by force.

The white women hated black women because the white men wanted them because of their big breast, vagina, and butt. The white women even created an under garment shaped to look wonder they had big butts to get their men attention back. The attacks on this site are crazed. Because there are women who have a big vanity naturally and it seems this is happening to burn out the interest in big butts. It wont happen, but the jealousy and hate that goes along with being African or looking African is become an issue once again for non-African or African descendant women.

Everyone here should examine and as the scienctologist say big themselves for throwing a booty of stones at the physique of the Black Woman.

Talk about ing a band wagon yall a bunch of physic ward run aways. to post comments. This is just sad!!! Why does any woman need a Horse Ass????? OMG Her butt looks gross! That's what she gets for being so vain and retarded. LoL these bitches.

It's a mental illness manifesting in odd ways. If it wasn't this, she'd be addicted to something else. I used to get teased for having a big butt and it made me self conscience. Now woman are getting implants and injections to have what I have naturally.

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It must be hard trying to find clothes that fit proper over that mass of silicone. I know I have a hard time, I always have to buy larger bottoms skirts and pants then I do tops and jackets. My question is, can she get that stuff removed? She look like a dudeand only a dude and ofcourse black women, would try to alter their body like that to look like a damn clown. I mean come on now.

Foolish activities: vanity wonder reveals the horrors of butt injections

The legs and thighs skinny as fuk First of all, white big are the first and fastest when it vanity to exploring plastic surgery and injections to alter their bodies. The percentage of African Americans with any kind of medical alteration to their body is ificantly lower than that of whites. Please wonder your facts before, you start spitting out BS! Black women look silly, when those Space Aliens have been doing it for years trying to look like us.

Trying to make parts of theirs booties look fuller like ours On another note, whatever happened to working out to get the body that you want! You righ but rephrase it.

I dnt believe in doing anythng to change a natural body unless its health reason. So when you see one black chick doing negative stuff dnt include all. Thx a bunch. How does one even wipe or wash something that massive?

My motto is: God gave me what I have, and I'm not changing it. I love the skin I'm in. I think a woman with a curvy ass is nice. This look belongs in a side circus show. Somebody should tell her that her invisible part is a visible alley.

Eww Gross! I really don't understand this obsession with big butts? I think Janet, JLO or Beyonce sizes is big enough, anything bigger than that looks absolutely disgusting to me! All of this because of a man's obsession with women and their assets? You don't see men transforming themselves to be our ideal beauty so why should we alter our bodies for them?

Complete bullshit!

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Get some common sense and self esteem DAMN! I now believe him. All these strippers, video vixens and regular women getting these ass injections, implants and boob jobs are going to look like fat out of shape messes in about 5 more years when that "look" is no longer as mainstream for their industry. There is no way I would mess up my body for momentary trends like this.

What are these people thinking? The crazy part is ni66as got her thinkin this ish look good. I hear so many young men now saying they don't care if a girl has a fake butt, which is scary because if you date a "woman" with a fake behind then you'll date a transgender person you're just into illusions You better speak on it!

You do have to consider the source. When people are lusting after the flesh they don't care that it's all an allusion. They just want to satisfy their flesh.