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God is testing us, strengthening us, developing us, preparing us, and teaching us that we can trust Him and that His answers are always worth the wait.

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We all get to points in life where we seem to need more of God: more guidance, more wisdom, more direction, more help.

We come to these places through tragedy, pain, transitions in life, or even day-to-day life. Sooner or later, you will be at a place when God is silent. You will be crying out for help, desperately praying for direction, and not receiving anything in return so it seems. First, remember that you are not a bad Christian for feeling this way. Almost everyone, even in the Bible itself, has moments like this.

Second, remember that God is always listening to his children, always seeing them Psalm Lastly, walk through these 5 things. All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the servant of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work.

God speaks to us most particularly, most powerfully, most clearly, through his word. We often want God to speak in ways he has never promised to speak. God never promises to give us a vision that tells us what job to take, how to remedy a specific circumstance i.

When god is quiet, he is watching and working when god is quiet, he is watching and working | faith

More information, more of his presence, more words from Him. It makes us equipped for every good work. It has promises that speak to our pain and promises that remind us that God is always good, always at work, always faithful to his people Psalm 34, again. In moments of life when God is silent, open up his word, and be reminded that he has spoken truthfully, perfectly, clearly, and sufficiently.

It is never silent. If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask God, who gives generously to all without reproach, and it will be given him.

7 suggestions when god is silent

James Far too often, this verse gets misused. Why is this important when it seems that God is silent?

Because wisdom is not about deciphering the future. Wisdom is about living faithfully in the present!

How does God give us wisdom in this way? He indwells his people with the Holy Spirit. The very spirit of God is living in you, making you a temple of the Holy Spirit. And the third person of the Trinity is constantly at work in you: teaching you, changing your desires to godly ones, convicting you, and growing you. The truth is, your greatest need is not to know exactly how to handle a random issue, the greatest need is that you would have a mind that looks more like the mind of Christ.

5 things to do when god seems silent

When God shapes us to have that mind of Christ, then our decisions will be wise, they will be right. We will never have perfect wisdom this side of heaven, but we can trust that God grows his people, sanctifies them, and his people quiet have wisdom when they need it most. Even when God is silent, he has given you wisdom and god even tells us that we can ask for more! Then, trust this wisdom, and make decisions that honor God and his word. In a horrible, heartbreaking situation, seek to honor God, and ask for when wisdom on how to proceed.

You will not hear some magical, audible voice from heaven, but you do have the Holy Spirit of God constantly making the children of God wiser. In difficult times of life, we often want God to give us a roadmap.

5 reasons god may be silent

He guides us with job offers and new children; he guides us in breakups and new marriages. God guides us by putting us in difficult circumstances, so that he may grow us to be wiser see 2. So wake up tomorrow and seek to honor God. Be obedient. Concern yourself with what he has called you to obediencenot what he is in charge of the future.

Even though is may seem like God is silent, He will get you through whatever you are in right now. That is his guidance, and it is faithful.

When god is silent (psalm 13)

In times when God is silent, we need spiritual disciplines read habits more than ever. Do not stop praying because your prayers feel like they bounce off the ceiling. Those are the means by which God has promised to shape and grow his children. Pray that God would continue to work, and to open your eyes to see the glory of what he is doing through these spiritual habits. Crucially, remember that God is glorified in your obedience, and your desire to commune with Him more deeply, even if you feel emotionally disconnected.

Sometimes we still want the roadmap.

We still want an agenda. If he did that though, it would actually undermine faith! It takes no faith for me to follow Google Maps. I know it works, it tells me exactly what to expect along the way.

He gives us, above all, his word and his Spirit. Together, they guide us, even in times when he is silent.

5 things to remember when god seems silent

In moments of pain or confusion, remember that he is still watching over his children. So pray, read his word, trust his guidance, and remember that he never turns his back on his children. He graduated from Capital University with an emphasis on Music Ministry. He plans on pursuing church planting and academic ministry in the future.

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