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This post may contain affiliate links. Read my full disclaimer here. Always remember to be a responsible tourist. See this travel resources post to plan your next trip. Sex tourism countries. The sex tourism industry is one that many people hide away from.

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However, sex tourism has seen a boom in recent years thanks to several countries legalizing prostitution, making it safe for sex workers as well as drawing tourists from all over the world for a little adult fun on their vacation.

If you like to do more than just sightseeing and sampling the local cuisine of the place, head to these destinations for sex tourism. Perhaps one of the most popular tourist attractions in Amsterdam is its red light district. Lined with sex shops and strip clubs, the area offers something for every kind of sexual fetish. Prostitution is legal in Amsterdam and you will find sex workers enticing people outside shops in the streets.

The most popular countries for sex tourism

Spain is another country where prostitution is legal and you will find red light areas from Madrid to Barcelona. This makes it one of the most popular sex tourism destinations in Europe. However, the most of the sex workers here are South American and not Spanish. The laws against prostitution are quite hazy in Thailand making Bangkok one of the most popular sex tourism destinations in the world.

Sex tourism

From ladyboys to Thai massages with a happy ending, you will find everything in the neon-lit streets of Bangkok. Even other parts of Thailand like Pattaya are pretty popular for its nightlife.

NZ has legalized prostitution and sex workers are required to go for regular health check-ups. There are certain parts in bigger cities where you will find sex workers and strip clubs like the Hunters Corner in Auckland.

Or, you could look for on the net and in papers to find something you fancy for the night. The sex tourism industry in Germany got a boost after prostitution became legal here.

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Not just that, even brothels are legal and sex workers get many government benefits and have to pay taxes. Attracting several foreign tourists, Germany is a hot spot for those looking for a raunchy, fun night.

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