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The Fattest Cities in the U. The fitness industry is booming, yet year after year, Americans' waistlines continue to grow.

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Chrissy Metz knows why you recognize her.

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And while this season has seen Kate navigating dating life and family melodrama, most of her plot lines have focused on her efforts to lose weight: ing a weight-loss group, considering gastric bypass surgery, checking into a fat farm. For her part?

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Metz doesn't even know how much she weighs. Not that it was easy to get here. Food was equated with love, like the grilled cheese sandwiches her grandmother would make when Metz came home from school.

The fattest cities in the u.s.

But it was also the enemy: When Metz was 11 and chubby, her mom ed her up for Weight Watchers. During elementary and middle school in Gainesville, Florida, Metz was bullied for her size.

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She was also the class clown, the bubbly performer in her blended family—mother, girl, brother, sister, and two half-sisters—who she calls "salt of the earth; fat, loud people. After college, she took a job as a preschool teacher. Who day when Metz was in her early 20s, she tagged along with her younger sister Morgana, then 14, to an open-call audition.

Her mother, Denise Hodge, explains that Metz was surprisingly shy: "With family and friends she was the cut-up, but other people had to get to know her first. She went for it anyway, the Christina Aguilera's "Beautiful. A few months later, Metz, her manager, and about eight mostly teenage clients caravanned out West for pilot season. As the oldest, she became her manager's de facto assistant, taking kids out on auditions, traveling back and forth between California and Florida for the tulsa few years until she finally moved to LA for good in Her agent needed an actual assistant; Metz's manager encouraged her to take the job.

But she took it anyway, and ended up becoming an agent herself.

Of obese americans continues to rise; coloradans slimmest, mississippians fattest

Acting became a hobby. And if there were, you're the butt of the joke," she says. For a while, Metz averaged just one audition a year, where she'd see the same group of fellow plus-size actresses "so supportive and not catty," she says. Occasionally she'd be the biggest person there: "I walked into rooms a lot of women thought I shouldn't be in," she says. She fat it all so depressing that she gained pounds over the course of her 20s.

I tell her I'm in the same boat: I've been working long hours the there's a chocolate bar in my bag that I've been carrying around as a reward. Talking about weight with Metz is cathartic for me, as someone who has dealt with body-image issues and food issues—and their ripple effects—my whole life. On her 30 th birthday, Metz tells me, she mistook a panic attack for a heart attack and landed in the ER.

Following her "anxiety breakdown," as she calls it, she tulsa to a few sessions with a therapist, but mostly got into self-help and spirituality, like reading Deepak Chopra and going to Agape International Spiritual Center in Culver City. A girl pounds were gone within just over five months. This time I'm not big enough? Still, the Who weren't coming in. Like, give me a chance. She considered moving back home for good. Perhaps it's her interest in self-help, but Metz is the kind of person who believes that she has to trust that everything happens as it should.

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A year passed. Then an agent friend told her about the role of Kate, saying "This is so you. I would have been absolutely devastated.

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Metz thought she bombed the audition, and called her agent from the parking garage to tell him the bad news. At the same time, a she didn't recognize popped up on her screen. She thought it might be a bill collector —Metz has said that she had 81 cents in her bank at the time —but she answered anyway: It was Dan Fogelman, the creator of This Is Usalong with the rest of the producers. I told them 'You've hired a classy broad.

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When the first This Is Us table read made executives cry—the pilot alone features a naked weigh-in, a death, and finding a long-lost parent—Metz knew that the show was going to work. People stop her in the bathroom and at grocery stores. Metz beams and thanks them profusely. She tells me how, when her sister Morgana gave birth, Morgana's nurses found out she was related to Metz and made Metz FaceTime them to say hello.

The few women on TV who hover somewhere between tiny sample sizes and plus sizes—women whose bodies I would love to inhabit—are still routinely called "fat. It's one of the reasons Metz thinks her character is so beloved: "It's a really raw and vulnerable portrayal of a plus-size woman.

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Brown, is a finance wiz looking for his birth father. It's that relatable feeling of not fitting in, even in your own family, that makes This Is Us work.

We all feel out of place. Metz is comfortable talking about the similarities between her own life and Kate's character arc; their differences are harder to get across to fans. On the show, Kate bought two seats on a cross-country flight. What I had to learn is that it's not personal. If they paid for their seat and I happen to be spilling over on it and that offends them, that's their stuff. At least she no longer needs to worry about bill collectors calling her. Now that the show has been renewed for two more seasons, Metz is trying to adjust to a little bit of newfound financial security.

She still lives in an apartment in Valley Village with a roommate and is not one to splurge: she finally purchased a laptop her first after Niecy Nash told her she deserved to buy herself something nice.

The studio gave Metz a Louis Vuitton bag, but she isn't even sure she needs it. Her sister has volunteered to take it off her hands. It's the first time in her life she's had money, and she's reluctant to get too comfortable.

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And then there's the literal cost of being a rising star. That's a chunk of change. Apart from her alter ego's weight, Kate's love life has been central to the show's plot, setting her apart from the few other plus-size protagonists in TV history. Men fall for her out of the blue, including a fellow dieter at a weight loss group and a dimpled employee at fat camp.

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Also, can we have some black or Latino men? Still, she says, "I'm glad that people are like, 'Yo, I'm into Kate. She's not attractive; nobody wants to date her. When it comes to real-life relationships, Metz attributes her success to her confidence. And she doesn't buy the platitude that people see beyond her weight to a sparkling personality within. Some men like her because of her weight—which she doesn't think is uncommon, it's just not as acceptable to talk about.

It's weird if men like big girls, like, oh, do you have a fetish? While wrapping the second episode, she spotted him putting things away in his truck and eating a taco bowl. Josh even offered to go work on another show.

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He is, as she puts it, "not chubby. Stancil told her he'd never dated anyone who was plus-size. Good luck tonight, have a great time. The deer—one of the few couturiers to dress non-sample-size celebrities—made her two custom pieces.

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But due to a leg injury, she ended up wearing a purple gown the deer Nathan Paul had made for a different event. Her stylist, Jordan Grossman, has a relationship with plus-size brands. I don't know why they think that their clothes lose integrity by being cut bigger. But it's their art. It would be nice if Valentino was like, 'Hey girl, want a dress?

Metz manages to seem both sober and outraged at Hollywood's slim definition of desirability.

I don't understand why that's a thing. Well, I do, because the media has told us thin is beautiful. But is it? Because I think people are miserable not eating and smoking cigarettes," she says. Even the average girl looks ten pounds heavier on the screen.