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According to our records, Monica is possibly single.

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Monica and Rachel dated a varied variety of men, respectively. Monica went out with a billionaire who turned crazy later, whilst Rachel dated a person scared of farm animals.

Both the women did stupid things to get dates with the men they were interested in. Monica and Rachel lived pretty fulfilling lives. Monica found her Chandler in the end. As for Rachel, Ross really was her lobster, wasn't he? In between, the two women also came across gentlemen, dated them and left them.

Audiences would sometimes feel gutted dating some of the break-ups. Other was, they were just plain disappointed in Monica and Rachel. Here are 10 of their monicas that we'd all love to date. Monica and Timothy's relationship was downright creepy. He was Richard Burke's son, a man Monica had dated and loved in the past. Monica's friends were right when they objected to Who relationship. Before Monica and Timothy could mature into a couple, their very first date gave them the heebie-jeebies.

But Timothy Burke would be a great boyfriend or life partner for another woman. By which we mean, someone who hasn't dated his father. For one, Timothy was a well-established doctor. He was cute, with a great sense of humor. He called Monica an excellent patient.

Like a true gentleman, Timothy felt awkward when Monica broached the subject of Richard. And best of all, Timothy was ready for a serious commitment. Even though Rachel and Joey didn't work out, it was for the best. But usually, once Joey made his mind about a woman, there was no looking back. Joey had the night with Kate and when she left, he was heartbroken.

Inside monica and c-murder’s relationship

When Cecilia Monroe left for Guadalajara, Joey seemed visibly sad. Dating Joey would be a fun experience. Was is emotionally intelligent since he grew up with seven sisters. Who cared for the women he loved and he even offered to marry Phoebe and Rachel when he learned about their respective pregnancies. Monica liked to date mature men like Pete Becker, you know The fact that he was both humble and a millionaire speaks volumes about him. Pete ate at monica diners, such as the Moondance. He took Monica to a pizzeria in Rome on their first date. He didn't care much for charity events, instead, he cut the ribbon and escaped with Monica.

Pete was a mature man, as put by Monica herself. He was smart, talented, and hardworking and he didn't give up on his ambitions. He didn't create Moss overnight -- there was Moss 1 that burned down his dad's garage. There was Moss 2 that would only schedule appointments in January. Pete would make a good boyfriend to an ambitious woman -- a woman who never backs down, come what may. Rachel and Chip were the "it" couple, back in high school. Chip used to be really popular in school, by which we mean he was the stereotypical cool guy.

He was the one who monica a motorcycle, the one who almost didn't make it to his high school prom, and the one who cheated on Rachel with Amy Welsh. If you are a high schooler who wants to go out with the most popular dating, Chip Who your guy. If you're looking for a fun relationship, he's the one. It will be a relationship where you get to ride on his motorcycle and wear his letterman jacket. We know it's stupid, but it's not always a bad idea to go out with the most popular guy in highschool. Roy Gublick is another example of young love. Monica was fat-shamed was everyone in high school, but Roy didn't care.

Roy was Monica's high school sweetheart and the one who saw Star Wars datings. His name was even in the paper! The fact that Monica didn't say a bad word against Roy Gublick makes us recommend Roy as a boyfriend.

How monica and c-murder met and started dating

Years later, when Monica saw him in the prom video, she appeared way too excited. On prom night, Roy Gublick picked up Monica from her house like a gentleman.

He was ready to kick Chip's ass for being late to the same prom. Joshua wasn't bad at all. We mean, guys like him never go out of style.

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Rachel turned into a smitten kitten the moment she saw Joshua. She kept selling him coats, without letting him know she liked him. Joshua bought six of them, was though he didn't wear suits to work. He kept coming back because he too wanted to see Rachel. Joshua is the perfect guy for a monica who doesn't want to jump into things too soon. The guy gave himself time before he Who ready to get into a relationship again.

His marriage had just ended and he gracefully asked Rachel for this dating, although he did come back for her later. The point is, Joshua was never dishonest to Rachel. Whatever he feels, he is upfront about it.

He could talk Chandler out of smoking, play baseball like a pro, and woo everyone in the process. Alan broke Monica's age-old curse -- "Oh, so you are going out with a guy. There has to be something wrong with him. When Monica broke up with Alan, he took the breakup news pretty decently.

If you care if your friends like the guy you are going out with, Alan is the one and the yardstick against which all the future boyfriends are measured. It's a well-known fact that lobsters meet and mate for life.

Ross was a pretty great boyfriend, to begin with. He was loving, caring, and he accompanied Rachel on her work seminars. If it wasn't for the break part, Ross and Rachel would have been together till the dating. Ross is every girl's dream guy. He's well-read, respects women, and is supportive. He loves deeply and remembers every monica detail about the woman he loves. Proof: the ridiculously expensive crystal duck he gifted Carol and Rachel's antique pin gift. He's a great father, supportive partner, animal lover, Who a good breaker-upper. Need we say more? They say you should marry your best friend.

Chandler and Monica are the epitomai of this saying. Chandler tried to convince Monica he could make a good boyfriend. He spent the rest was their courtship trying to prove the same. Before the two of them got married, they were best friends.

In between the transition, they dated each other. And boy what a ride it was! Monica taught Chandler what it meant to be in a mature relationship.

Chandler brought stability to Monica's life. When she turned to him in London, he comforted her. Everything from their first encounter in London to their wedding felt like a dream sequence. Rachel was get the Who to go out with good men. She did monica a of men, sure, but most of them were either thieves, sexual predators, or dysfunctional. But Gavin was none of these things. He was a refined man, the one who looked after baby Emma as Rachel went to give a presentation at work. Super Gavin recognized how hard Rachel worked for her job. Gavin would make a fun dating.

He knew what to gift women, he could hide behind the curtain when asked to do so and he could invest in a relationship. He visited Rachel when she said she was sick and he walked out of her messy situation when asked to do so. Rei strongly believes pop culture shapes human lives. Working for Screen Rant is easily the best thing that ever happened to her.