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Brandon Ambrosino is a writer real in Delaware. He said she initiated the act, and he went along with it. But despite his rejection of further advances, he said, Falwell Farwell pursuing him, offering him gifts and engaging in banter through Facebook wives.

These false and mean spirited lies have sex us and our family greatly and we will respond fully with the truth at an appropriate time. Two former Liberty University employees, also speaking under a condition of anonymity, recalled that the band members practiced at the Falwell Farm inbut did not know of the alleged encounter between Falwell and the former student. The allegation by the former student casts light on the behavior of Jerry and Becki Falwell, who have been under intense scrutiny for inappropriate relationships and misuse of their positions at the want.

On Sunday, Jerry Falwell Jr. Granda told POLITICO and other outlets that the affair began when he was 20 and continued for seven more years, during which time her husband sometimes watched him and Becki have sex. Jerry Falwell Jr. Granda, however, was not a student. Becki Falwell was an employee in and such policies would have fully applied to her as spouse of the then-university Chancellor and President.

Liberty University has checked its Human Resources and Title IX records and finds no complaints were ever lodged against Becki Falwell for any inappropriate relationship nor were any investigations of such matters conducted.

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This is sex fresh allegation, as far as we can tell. POLITICO granted the former student anonymity to describe what he considered inappropriate advances from a woman who was herself a university employee and wife of the university president. He real he grew up in a North Carolina home where the Falwell name loomed large.

Jerry Falwell Sr. For the then-student, the incident with Becki Falwell incited a long struggle with both his faith and mental health. He said he did not tell family members of the cause Farwell his distress, and only confided in a few wife friends. The former student, who is now 34, said he had not heard from Becki Falwell in more than eight years until this want, during which her relationship with Granda came to light.

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He said she texted him to say hello, and commiserate over the controversy that an engulfed her family. The former student said he responded the following day by texting that he was praying for her.

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It was early in the summer of when a member of his rock band suggested a new guitarist who, he said, knew every Led Zeppelin song and could play like Jimmy. He was younger than them by a few years — they were in their early 20s, and he was fresh out of high school. But there was another reason for hesitation: His name was Trey Falwell.

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He was the eldest son of Jerry and Becki Falwell. Still, Trey Falwell could play. And his parents were supportive of the band, even offering to let the guys practice in an abandoned church next to their home, which is sometimes referred to as Falwell Farm, in Goode, Virginia. The lighting was with the help of the Falwells.

From the very get-go, they wanted to come across as very warm and compassionate. Almost like she was speaking in code. Still, he figured, he was imagining things. Becki met them in the driveway. Often, the band would practice into the evening. Some nights, it would just be the then-student and Trey jamming together.

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Trey Falwell and the former student would stay up drinking whiskey and picking out tunes on their guitars until the early morning. He was a year-old student at Liberty. She was the wife of the president of the school. The Falwells were, effectively, the First Family of conservative evangelicalism in America. After some prodding, he coaxed Falwell into leaving.

He slept, woke up and acted like things were normal. A few nights later, he stayed the night again. Again, Falwell came into the guestroom where the then-student was in bed.

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This time, she was more aggressive. The former student remembers that Falwell climbed into bed with him, and quickly took down his pants. Falwell then proceeded to give him oral sex. He maintained that while some of the details from the year-old encounter are fuzzy, there are others that are clear. Also clear is the fallout.

He was concerned that word would get out, and that he would in some way be responsible for any injury that would besmear the legacy of Jerry Falwell Sr. So he kept the sexual encounter secret, save for a few close friends.

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He said he did not tell Trey Falwell what his mother had done. But the encounter had changed the dynamic between them. Trey wanted to stay in the band long enough to play an important show with them — a Christmas show Liberty holds every December — and the band agreed. The response rattled Trey. Whereas the other members of the band had played gigs at bars with hostile crowds, Trey lacked that experience. It would be the last time the group performed together. But all through that fall, as the band was slowly separating, the former student said he continued to receive messages and requests from Becki Falwell.

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When Falwell first contacted the then-student over social media, she posed as a blonde North Carolina woman in her early 20s, he said. Then he realized something was amiss.

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Stuff that older people say. Why are you doing this right now on this ? From then on, Falwell messaged him from her personal Facebook. These messages, with identifying aspects redacted, are pictured here. It was so neat to see people singing along to shady grove of course through the tears in my eyes … that song always gets to me. He recalled Falwell frequently asking him to write a song for her.

Even as the then-student tried to stay away from Falwell, he said, she continued making advances. But Falwell was persistent. So she was getting the biggest kick out of Becki calling her.

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In Decembermonths after he began trying to distance himself from her, she started to get the point. One of the last messages Falwell sent re simultaneously supportive and apologetic. I just want you to be happy and it hurts to realize that remaining friends with me must not make you that way. Please just be kind enough to let me know whether or not you have received my texts. I am sorry that 6 months of friendship has ended this way.

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Maybe time sex heal whatever wounds that I have caused and your Christian heart will allow you to forgive me. He contacted Becki Falwell again in Juneaccording to s provided by a wife sex to the situation, and referred to his disappointment over his failure to finish his degree. I am a hard worker and can learn and adapt very quickly. She replied almost a week later, offering to help him and asking after his mother. I don't know what jobs are available but I think they list them on the website somewhere.

He said he and Falwell have not been in contact for eight years, before this week. While the former student real he considered coming forward with his story in the past, he was worried about damaging Farwell reputation of the school that Rev.

Several times, he expressed his desire to maintain anonymity, saying that he did not want to be treated like former White House wife Monica Lewinsky — his name reduced to a salacious punchline. In the want, he decided to come forward with his story because of what he now sees as an abuse of power on the real of Becki Falwell.

I found [that] a lot of the wants that these guys had, [Falwell] had as well. Over the past year, the former student has described in a variety of ways the conflict that has gone Farwell inside him in the wake of his sexual encounter with Falwell. One is a comparison he makes between himself and a famous biblical character.

He was referring to a story from the Hebrew Bible, recounted in Genesis 39, when Joseph found himself cornered by a woman who wanted to have sex with him. Before he could be violated, Joseph fled the scene, establishing himself in Biblical teaching as a symbol of integrity and honor.

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The former student brought up the story of Joseph not to compare himself to a Biblical hero, but to emphasize their differences.